Food is dire and essential for our existence but there are certain foods that are known to impart foul body odor and act as dark spots to your personality. Bad body odor can sabotage your reputation and lower your confidence.

Body Odor Causing Foods

Most of us are very particular about food. Food undoubtedly plays a significant role in shaping our personality. Someone has correctly mentioned, “You are what you eat.”

Foods affect your body odor. There are foods that give a foul body odor and bad breath.  We spend exorbitantly on deodorants and antiperspirant just to smell soothing and confident. One thing is for sure that none of us want to step out smelling awful.

Following are 10 foods to avoid in your cuisine to be confident of smelling good.

10 Foods That Can Change Your Body Odor

Want to make an unstinky and impeccable impression just stay away from theses foods.

1.  Garlic

You must have read in novels that garlic is a wonderful way to keep Dracula at bay. Garlic is a good way to get rid not of Dracula but almost everyone. Its smell is hard to bear.

The strong garlic smell lingers in your breath up to 72 hours. Though it has great medicinal properties but avoid consuming it particularly if you are going for a party.

2. Onion

Just like garlic onions too are known to impart a foul body odor and your breath. Onions are famous for lowering cholesterol and have some vital medicinal ingredients. Raw onions make your breath smelling stinky for hours. Cooked onions are better than raw ones.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is another element whose consumption may produce foul body odor. Over-drunk person smell obnoxiously bad. The breath mints and mouthwashes simply fail to mask the awfully bad smell. The only recovering element from body odor is time.

4. The Durian Fruit

Durian is one fruit that is banned at public places owing to its extremely obnoxious dirty laundry-like smell. Durian fruit have a custard-like texture. The smell is hard to stand and it causes body odor.

5. Asparagus

Foods affect your body odor in two ways. There are foods that show their signs in your sweat while other might reveal them in your urine. Asparagus is one such food containing thioesters and methanethiol that makes urine smelly.

6. Radish

Raw radish is also known to impart a bad odor to your mouth. Radish gives a strong pungent odor that is quite evident while you talk to others.

7. Fish

Fishes are the richest source of Vitamin A. They are good for improving your vision and enhance the skin elasticity. Too much consumption of fishes makes your sweat smelly and hard to stand.

8. Red Meat

Well red meat takes a long time to get digested and lies stagnant in the stomach for a long time. It releases toxins and causes bad odor in the sweat and foul mouth odor.

9. Coffee

Coffee cause acidity and therefore leads to bad breath. Avoid consuming too many beverages like tea and coffee to smell confidently.

10. Dairy Products

Dairy products are indeed rich sources of calcium and vitamin D but they cause foul body odor due to the high protein content. This protein is broken down in the gastric tract by bacteria and bad breath is produced.

Getting Rid Of Foods That Causes Body Odor

Getting rid of these foods from your diet is not easy but if you are low on confidence due to body odor you can surely stay away from these foods for 2-3 months to see the difference. Meanwhile learn more about Bad Body Odor, Excessive Body Odor, How to Stop Body Odor, What Cause Body Odour and Body Odour Causes.

To get rid of body odor, be cautious while eating. Be particular of what you eat and be confident about breath & body odor. We would love to hear your own tips of fighting body odor, avoiding foods that cause bad body odor, getting rid of body odor. Please leave  us a comment and let us know.