Health Diet 3 Refined Foods To Avoid To Stay Healthy

Whole food is healthy, refined food is clearly unhealthy just for the reason that it is doctored whereas whole food is naturally healthy. White foods i.e. refines foods in long term can be very harmful to anyone’s health and are looked down upon by people who are aware about its side effects or those who are health conscious.

Color is good as whole foods are healthy and color signifies nutrition. Brown bread, brown pasta, unpolished rice, brown rice is healthy way of eating rather than buying refined white rice or white bread.

Three things you should immediately avoid are:

1. Refined foods

This kind of food is either overcooked or canned. Canned food is highly popular looking at fast solutions to incorporate in food like fruits and vegetables. Due to the exposure of the preservatives and long time existence they do not make for nutritious food and can be bad for health. Cut fruit or even vegetables left too long any way lose nutrition.

Food today is being injected to be made ready faster. Also, over cooking vegetables will get all the nutrients evaporated. Washing vegetables once cut also is bad for the value of the food as the water gives away the nutrients. Complex carbohydrates are extremely good for healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits are first hand sources of it. Complex Carbohydrates stabilize blood sugar levels and also provides tremendous energy levels.

2. Refined Sugars

Milling is a way of reducing the substance to fine particles which then makes it easier to be absorbed in to the blood stream. Same goes for refined sugars. They are milled to add to the product you eat and then get absorbed instantly.
Instantly absorbed refined sugars jolt the body with an instant energy level which is short lived. Instead try to eat natural fruits and juices which have natural sugars. You will notice that you’re cravings for food with refined sugar return in a short period due to the demand of energy. These items like dough nuts, cakes, pastries are quite fattening for the same reason. Hence watch your intake and weight with what you eat.

3. Refined flours

White bread and variously other bakery items are made using white flavor. White flour is very fine in texture and is as fine as the refined sugar used which enters the blood stream to result in low energy levels making a person lethargic. You will see that most commercial bakery items are made from white flour like dough nuts, cookies etc. White flour is milled over and over which then requires to be fortified because of the lack of vitamins and minerals. If you consume white flour products they are definitely not good for health. Instead eat whole wheat bread and whole wheat products.

I would love to hear your ideas and experiences of avoiding refined food. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates.

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    For sure my mom is not aware that washing vegetables once cut is bad for the value of the food as the water gives away the nutrients, I’ll let her know about it so we could get all the nutrients. As much as possible, we avoid buying processed food especially if you can buy it fresh on the market.

    Sometimes I get scared just by seeing the expiry date of the product, it’s unbelievable that it could last for 10 years :(

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    Good article, having lot of information on which food is good and which is not. Also mentioned how the vegetables become non nutrients. Thanks for sharing it.

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