Ever wondered about how long you will live? though hundred twenty years of life “are genetically guaranteed” to one person, however actually our century is much shorter.

Japanese live on the average till 79 years, Australians, Greeks, Canadians and Swedes – to 78, Germans and Americans – 76. Nigerians and Somalis much earlier – approximately to 47 years.

An international group of doctors, psychologists and dieticians have developed “10 precepts to live longer”, following which anyone can manage to prolong and make our terrestrial existence a little more pleasant.

How To Stay Healthy

Following are the 10 tips to stay healthy and live longer and its been reviewed by various experiments run by the scientist that even though they seem tedious to follow but you will receive enormous benefit

1. Do Not Overeat

Instead of habitual 2.500 calories be content with 1.500. Thereby you will arrange unloading to cells and support their activity. Cages are fast updated, and an organism becomes less susceptible to diseases. Eat equably: not much, but also not too little.

2. Menu Should Correspond Your Age

30 year old women notice first wrinkles later, if they regularly eat liver and nuts. People after forty years should receive beta carotin. After 50 years calcium keeps bones fit, and magnesium – heart. Men after forty should receive selenium, contained in cheese and kidneys. Selenium promotes stress weakening. After fifty, eating fish, we will protect heart and blood vessels.

3.Try To Find Work Approaching Toward You

Work promotes youthful appearance, Frenchmen confirm. The one who does not work, looks five years more senior. Some trades, according to sociologists, help keeping youth. These are trades of conductor, philosopher, artist and priest.

4. Find Yourself a Match

Love and tenderness are best means against aging. Having sex twice a week, a person looks fourteen years younger. During sexual intercourse hormone endorphin, which is differently named as happiness hormone is produced in an organism. It promotes strengthening of immune system.

5. Have Your Point Of View On Everything

A consciously living person is depressed and suppressed rarer, than the one who just goes down stream passively.

6 . Flex Your Muscles

Even eight minutes of playing sports a day prolongs life. In the course of movement growth hormones, which development is especially reduced after thirty years are liberated.

7. Sleep In A Cool Room

It is proved: the one who sleeps at temperature of 17-18 degrees, remains young longer. The reason consists in the fact that metabolism in an organism and display of age features depend as well on an ambient temperature.

8. Indulge Yourself From Time To Time

Sometimes, contrary to any recommendations concerning a healthy way of life, afford yourself a titbit. And if you liked a new dress or bag very much, it is not necessary to think of economy there and then.

9. Don’t Always Suppress Anger In Yourself

The one who constantly reproaches only himself instead of telling what afflicts him, and even disputing from time to time, exchanging opinion with associates, is more subject to any diseases, including malignant tumors.

64 percent of respondents, suffering from cancer, always suppress anger in themselves — Results of international testing,

10 . Brainteasers For Mental Health

From time to time solve crossword puzzles, play collective games demanding cogitative activity, learn foreign languages. Do mental arithmetic, and not just on calculator. Forcing brain working, we slow down process of age degradation of mental faculties; we simultaneously speed up work of heart, system of blood circulation and metabolism.

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