stressed_womanWhile there are some obvious factors that add to stress levels ( ex- increased workloads , intense deadline and demanding boss), there are some others that may be less obvious . Following are some of the factors stated below, read on to identify and bust them.

Work-related stress is a condition that could touch all human bases: mentally, emotionally, socially, and of course, physically.  these symptoms are more than distinguishable.

Measuring Your Stress level

  • – You frequently work more than 50 hours a week.
  • – You’ve seriously considered quitting your job or finding a new job at least once in the last month.
  • – You’ve missed at least one major deadline in the last six months .
  • – You postpone visit to the doctor because you don’t have the time to go.

The Hidden Sterss Triggers

  • Office competition and gossip – If you are the target of the office rumors or in the center of a power struggle , your stress level can soar through the roaf .
  • Feeling under appreciated – Many workers simply don’t feel they are appreciated for the work that they do . A simple “thank you”  or a personal display of appreciation is often missing , which makes workers feel that their efforts are futile .

Four Ways To Manage Them

  • Set strict boundaries –  It’s important to define where the line is between home and work . That’s what the dual centeric people do at work. When they leave the workplace , they leave it behind completely .
  • Focus on what you do – Being physically present does little good unless you are mentally and emotionally present as well .
  • Take time for rest – Remember that in long run , taking care of yourself is an investment that pays of personally too.Permit yourself some time to do whatever helps you renew your energy .
  • Be clear about priorities – Create a blueprint of your goals ,role , values and key relationship. Live it to the best of your ability.

It has been observed that following the above you can not only reduce the stress levet but also develop a feeling of fulfillment both at workpalace and at home .