calcium_foodIts often said that one must drink more milk and have dairy products to increase calcium intake. But, do you realize that though milk has calcium, it is not reality easily absorbed by the body? Read on to find out the real story behind calcium….

Benefits Of  Calcium

– Calcium Helps Keep the Weight Off

Researcher suggest that if you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, you’re likely to be overweight. An adequate supply appears to make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. The reason has to do with your body’s response to calcium deficit. When you are low, your body thinks you’re starving and enters emergency mode , releasing parathyroid hormone from four glands in your neck. This hormone stimulate your bones to release some calcium in your blood stream. Your  kidneys also deliver a hormone called calcitriol, a form of Vitamin D, to increase your ability to absorb calcium. Hence, a high calcium intake suppresses those hormones so your body store less fat and breaks it down easily.

– Calcium Protect Heart

If you are low in calcium, you’re are more likely to have high blood pressure. An adequate supply of calcium helps muscles- including heart muscles – to do their work of contracting and relaxing. Calcium helps your nervous system regulate the level of pressure in your arteries.

– Calcium Maintains Healthy Teeth

The first sign of osteoporosis are sometimes found by a dentist, because the structure of the jawbone is affected. Owing to the advantage of calcium market is flooded with innumerable kinds of calcium. However, it is important that we consume calcium in natural form.

Best Natural Sources

– Leafy green vegetables : The powerhouse of calcium – coriander, fenugreek, spinach are high source of easily absorb able calcium. Coriander can be garnish for almost anything. Start the day with a spinach and lemon juice for your calcium punch.

– Broccoli :The exotic vegetable is easily available and is one of the leading source of calcium.

– Youghurt : A bowl of curd with your lunch will do wonders to your overall health besides providing you a calcium boost.

– Kidney beans : Baked beans on toast, rajma with steamed rice, steamed beans in salad, are some of the ways you could use this scrumptious bean to your diet.

– Oranges : Not only delicious, they also provide you with calcium. Whenever you have that in-between meal craving, go for oranges.

– Green Peas : You can toss them with salads, vegetables, rice, pasta or any other thing you may like. These small little peas are a packed source of calcium.

– Almonds : The nuts are known to be one of the highest in calcium content. You could take some with you to work to much on, or use them in desserts, salads etc.

– Prunes : They are one of the highest sources of calcium. Wonderful as mid-day snack, you really cannot miss out on prunes.

– Pine nuts : One always wondered of the nutrient value of this nut. Add it to your salads, add it to your pesto or just as a snack, it’s wonderful.

– Soya : Lactose intolerance and worried about calcium? So we glug the soya milk and add soya to the flour. This is wrong. Use soya in its fermented form -tofu, meso, temp. No soya milk, flour, khakhras.

– Chick peas : Kabuli cahna, hummus,, chole , are good source of calcium.

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