sense_balance1Did you play hopscotch, turn cartwheels or skip over stones as a child? Al these require varying degrees of balance. In our daily life, we are constantly faced with challenges to our sense of balance like slipping over banana peel, tripping over the payment or a wet surface.

The balancing Act

Balance is not something we generally think about as being part of overall fitness but it should be. Balance training facilities movements skills and raises atheltic and functional movements potentials to new height.

Why Balance?

All our daily activities require balance. Even walking which we take for granted is the act of losing balance as one foot lifts up, and regaining it by stepping down. We often take our body’s ability to balance for granted. As we age, our natural ability to maintain good balance as well as quick reaction time diminishes.

Balance ability diminishes as we age, and can be improved with practice. – US running board.

Stand on one leg, roller blade, wind surf, ride a bike, inline stake or ski to mountain and improve your inherent balancing abilities.

Sports Performance

Balance is an important factor in any type of sport, be it clearing a hurdle or reaching to catch a ball. Fit individuals have a better balance, respond to training and learn sports skills more quickly.

Benefits of balance training

  • – Improves posture and body alignment
  • – Improves day to day functional stability
  • – Strengthens core muscles
  • – Improves co-ordination and self awareness
  • – Enhances neuromuscular awareness
  • – Increases strength

Two Yoga asanas to improve balance

  1. Lord of dance – Stand tall. Lift your right leg off the floor and hold your ankle. Arch your back and move your torso forward while raising the right leg behind you. Create a smooth arch through the right side of your body, balancing on the left leg. Hold for 10 breaths or longer if you can repeat with the other leg.
  2. The Tree – Stand tall with the right leg against the left inner thigh. Place your hands in the “Namaste” (both the hands are folded) position and then slowly raise your hands up. Hold for 19 breaths or longer if you can. Repeat with the other leg.

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