You probably think you’ve read all the health tips in the world a million times before. Go running more! Start pumping weights! Stop all that smoking! Drink more water! Eat better! They’re said to us as though they were the easiest things to do in a world, as though going from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle is as easy as flicking a switch.

The problem is that people often ignore the gradual steps that people have to take between an unhealthy and healthy lifestyle. These things usually involve quite an overhaul of what your body is used to. Changing your lifestyle needs to happen gradually, not all at once. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and likely to give up.

Here is a quick guide to getting started with a healthier lifestyle.


This step, of course, isn’t as easy as putting on your trainers and going for a run! If you don’t run that often (or at all!) then you’re likely to do yourself an injury if you just go full-pelt into running. You need to work your way up to frequent running. The trick is to get your body used to a walk and jog pattern over the course of a few weeks. The goal is to get to three sessions of running for thirty minutes every week. (Of course, you can progress from there if you want to run more. But this is a good finish line to aim for, for now!)

Getting more sleep

Again, something that’s not as easy at it sounds. Some will keep the advice as simple as ‘go to bed at this time and sleep for eight hours’. But you can’t will yourself into the land of nod.

It may be that you need a new mattress, or even a new bed entirely from the likes of Cuckooland beds. It may be simpler; you may need to cut back on habits that disrupt sleep. Stop using your smartphone in the hour before bed, and dim your lights. This helps wind your brain down, easing sleep.

Quitting smoking

If you were to just throw away that pack of cigarettes and quit cold turkey, then you’re likely to fail at quitting. That may sound quite negative, but it’s the truth. The problem is that your body has grown a biological dependency on nicotine. If you suddenly cut off its supply, you could end up feeling ill. You need to get into the habit of smoking less before you can drop the habit completely.

Drinking more water

It may seem ridiculous to some that people would need advice about drinking more water. Isn’t it the easier thing to do in the world? Just drink more water! The problem is that people usually don’t drink water purely because they forget to. If you don’t drink water that often, then you don’t really think about it. Of course, if you’re in that position, then it’s likely you’re drinking something else instead of water. Try setting reminders at least five times a day to drink 300ml of water. You can progress to more amounts form there. And cut down on those carbonated drinks!