A lot of us turn our attention to our bathtubs at this time of year. They’ve been neglected throughout the long summer months., but they’re sure starting to look appealing now. As the nights draw in, there’s nothing better than a long soak, with candles, a book, and perhaps even a glass of wine.
But, to enhance your soaking experience this fall, it’s worth considering a new bathtub. The chances are that your old one does the job. But, you deserve more than just ‘sufficient’. You deserve bone-melting luxury. Sadly, you can’t get that in any old tub. The good news is, there are plenty of luxurious options which are sure to do the trick. Here are a few worth considering.

Claw foot tubs

Let’s be honest; no tub is more iconic than a claw-footed one. These freestanding beauties are the epitome of bath time excess. Add a few bubbles, and you’ve got a soaking experience worth remembering. Appearance aside, the best part about these is their freestanding ability. They’re easy to install, and can become the main event of the room. Besides which, the taps on the side mean you have more space to spread out, or even share the tub if it takes your fancy.
The only downside is the amount of water these take. If you’re on a water meter, or simply care about the environment, you may find the size off-putting. The good news is, there are ways around the issue. If you’re dedicated to the cause, you could install a tankless water heater, which can improve energy efficiency, as well as saving you money. Or, you could opt to only fill the tub half way. It’s not quite the same, but it could be a necessary evil.

Corner tubs

Or, you might want to indulge in a corner bath. These are sure to give the impression of a stylish spa in any bathroom. Bear in mind that these work best in a large space. Though not as deep as claw footed options, they often take up more floor area. But, it’s well worth it. These are ideal if you love to stretch out without constraint. High-sided tubs can feel claustrophobic, but there’s no chance of that with one of these babies. These could be ideal if bath time reading is a favorite. You can hold your arms out as much as you need. Again, you may have to find ways around the increased water use, but it’s a sacrifice worth making.

How about bathtubs with additions?

If you’re not fussed about the tub itself, you could always get lost in the possibility of additions. These can take even a standard option to the next level of luxury. If you want to keep things basic, you could opt for a selection with contours, or seats for added comfort.
If you want to take things further, it’s worth looking into air baths and whirlpool additions. With these in place, every soak can feel like a blast in a jacuzzi!