With every new technology, life is being impacted either positively or negatively. Looking at the positive side of technology, nearly everything we do on a daily basis has been simplified. Time taken to accomplish tasks is short, efficiency is high, and there is a general convenience. From how we communicate, how we transact businesses, to how we run education, things are a lot different. We look at how technology has changed our lives today, and the sectors that have benefitted.


A lot of changes have been witnessed in the education sector. Who thought courses would be learnt online? The e-learning program is a by-product of technology, and it has eased the pain of having to travel thousands of miles to access education. Today, people are earning degrees from institutions situated abroad without setting foot there. Similarly, exchange programs can also be covered online via sophisticated tools. For example, benchmarking can be facilitated through conference calls no matter the distance. It has become that simple.


Another sector that owes its growth to technology is entertainment. Traditionally, we only had brick and mortar casinos that required your physical presence. Today, this experience has been taken online. Every household can be an entertainment hub so long as there is an internet-enabled phone, or a desktop. Technology has made it possible to enjoy online games or gambling with the online community straight from the comfort of your house or office.

Also, for the lovers of music and movies, they can stream them online via a variety of tools presented in different websites.


Thanks to technology, communication is easier, it is cheaper, and a lot more convenient. From the times of sending paper mails via post, to making announcements on radio, we have come of age. A short text message, an email, or a message on social media is enough to get the job done. Even better, these modern methods of communicating are instant as most of the people across the globe are connected to the internet, or at least they have someone around them who is connected.

Technology has had a very positive effect on communication in that, besides being instantaneous, messages are delivered with the confidentiality they deserve. There is no chance of altering messages, or failing to deliver.


In addition to all the above changes, the banking sector has gained a lot from the advent of technology. While there will be changes as we proceed, what we have so far is beyond what we ever imagined. Transactions are quickly processed, and security has been improved. Gone are the days you would wait for your turn in a long queue to be served by a teller. Thanks to technology, you can pay bills, shop, or send money through an online portal straight from your phone or PC.


If you visited a hospital 20 years ago, then you know how much technology has done in the health sector. Today, we have sophisticated machines for detecting conditions and aiding in treatment. Perfect examples are the chemo and radio therapy machines, as well as MRI scan machines that were not available in the past.