vanity_insanityIn the present scenario of  globalization, setting a style statement is the major area of concern for all.  Have you ever wondered flaunting the latest in fashion earns you the tag of a trend setter (sounds cool), but it could come  at the cost of your own health. Just be cautious in selecting your vanity and wardrobe so that you could prevent yourself for long term side- effects of various products.  Below are few tips to help you :


Stilettos may add that sex appeal, but walking on stilts is certainly not the most natural state of your body. The make-up of human body is such that we are meant ti walk on the entire foot. Stilettos give you added height, but meanwhile the center of gravity is pushed forward. Carry on strutting around in stilettos and in the long run, you might end up with back and knee aches. The long term health-hazards of sporting stilettos are many, the most common ones being bunions and foot deformity that leads to swelling at the base of the toe.

Damage Control : Give up stilettos altogether . If that’s not viable option, try not to wear them for long hours. Taking a walk barefoot for 15 minutes everyday is also a good idea, it exercise the various acupressure points in the foot. When buying heels, see that the toe have enough space. Also, shop for heels in dusk since your feet tend to naturally expand , ever so slightly, at time of the day.


Thongs are certainly not the best option if you want to steer clear nasty infections and keep your fertility intact.  tight undergarments rub against your skin every time you walk and don’t provide breathing space for your genitals. Anything other than cotton makes it difficult for your skin to breathe. Men’s face an added risk of infection. It is believed that the testicles are situated out of the male body because it;s important for them yo remain cool. Their temperature must be maintained at a degree less than the body temperature e. Wearing thongs pulls the testicle closer to the body and keeps them warmer. This might affect fertility in the long run.

Damage Control : Again, ditch them. But if you still can’t resist wearing them, make sure material is pure cotton. When at home, don’t wear underwear. It’s important to keep the area cool and dry.


Skinny jeans may flaunt your toned legs, but aren’t the best option if you care for your skin.The tight fighting hardly allows aeration fort the skin, making the sweat to stay longer on the skin . This increases the risk of suffering from frequent fungal infections. In case of men skinny jeans put more pressure on the scrotum and even cause damage to testicle in the long run. Also’ the tight fit might damage the hair follicle on the legs, lead to excessive pulling and thereby causing folliculitis.

Damage Control : Strike a balance . Make sure your wardrobe isn’t overloaded with skinny fits.


You may love your over sized totes for squeezing your world into them, but the bad news is that they cause posture problems. Overweight bags strapped on one shoulder increases chances of you tilting on one side. The affects your gait and walking around with that unnatural tilt might lead to back and shoulder pain in the long run. Moreover, it affects your overall posture and strains the shoulder blade.

Damage Control : Keep alternating the bag between your shoulders, so thst one shoulder doesn’t bear the burnt. Also, try to go for bags with a wide strap so that the weight is distributed over a wider area of the shoulder. Most important, remind yourself that every small thing you put in to the bag contributes to the overall burden.

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