Life comes in cycles. We’re young; we don’t know anything. And then slowly we come into our own, develop personalities, and feel like we understand everything about the world. And then, in our thirties, that charade comes crashing down, and you realize that you didn’t know everything. In fact, you didn’t know anything! This is shocking in most areas of life, but particularly when it comes to our parents. Suddenly, we begin to see them in a new light. Here are the things you’ll learn about them when you’re able to see clearly.

They, Too, Were Making It Up

It’s tempting to think that your creation and early years were planned like clockwork, but the reality was much different. Like most people in life, your parents were just making it up as they went along, a bit like you are (probably) doing right now in your own life. They’ll have spent many hours worrying that they were doing the right thing for you, while you were also sleeping, in the same house, thinking “my parents are great!” Everything worked out just fine in the end, so they somehow got it right. And you will too.

You’re Different People

Every person wants validation from their parents. They want their mother and father to comment on what they’re doing in life, to offer encouragement, and then, ultimately, be impressed by what they’re doing. Alas, it seldom happens that way, and, indeed, can’t, because your parents are from a different generation. They have a different worldview from you, and if you’re breaking new ground and doing exciting things, then it’ll be hard for them to relate to those achievements. That is not the world they know. It doesn’t mean they’re not proud of, just probably means they won’t fully understand the joy you feel at meeting one of your musical heroes. If you fundamentally different beliefs, read how to talk to your parents about them at

You Have To Parent Them

Remember how we said your parents are from a different generation? Well, you’ll have to keep that in mind. This world is changing fast, quicker than anyone can keep up with. Fortunately, you’ve been raised on such speed: you’re equipped to handle it. Your parents aren’t. You might be needed to teach them about the way the world works now, how to use technology and all the other things that are hard to understand if you weren’t raised with this knowledge.

They’re Not Superhuman

One day, you’ll have to parent them in other ways, too. You’ll discover that they’re not superhuman after all, even though they seemed like throughout your childhood. They’ll get older, their health will decline, and you’ll need to make sure they’re taken care of. You might have to become their caregiver or find them assisted living options. This won’t be something you understand intuitively, but you can get get the essential information by reading this article: what is assisted living? Costs, facility listings, tips, and more. Eventually, you’ll have to give them retirement years that are as good as the childhood they gave you.

They Love You

Finally, you’ll come to understand that they always loved you. Parents can be difficult, but nobody’s perfect, and they were trying their best! Now, go hug them.