babys-day-careIt is quite difficult for the new parents who are working to handle the job and the new baby. Since the present scenario is of nuclear families where we don’t have grandparents or any other family member to look after the new baby in the absence of mother the only option left is to search for a good day care where you can leave the baby.

This changeover and conversion is quite difficult for you and your baby. But a good day care with sensitive and responsive care taker can ease the baby and will give you a relief as it become a quite long day for babies in day care whose parents are working.

This article elaborate few important tips on how to choose a effective day care for your baby to help you choose a one for your baby.

  • –  It is always better to do a preliminary research of all the day care center available in your nearby location. Now make a select and prepare a list of all day care centers which you find good.
  • – If possible visit all the day care centers on your list and meet personally with the caretakers as they will be taking care of your kid.
  • – Check the license of the day care and inquiry about some relevant facts such as – since how long the day care is existing, available monitor cameras in the daycare, who are the directors and assistance in the day care etc.
  • – It has been made provision by the states that above every three infants there should be one caretaker , so make sure you inquire about the number of people who will be taking care of your infant.
  • – Carefully examine how the caret takers are taking care of babies in the day care. See if the babies in the day care are playing with ease or crying because of ineffective care given to them.
  • – Check for disinfectants used in the day care and the cleanliness procedure followed. Avoid the day care which are using chemical disinfectant sprays near baby as they are prone to cause respiratory problems in babies.
  • – Always verify and ensure the kitchen area of the day care. Make sure the kitchen is clean and is neat while preparing formulas and food for the baby.
  • – Once you have selected the day care have a chat with the caretaker and inform her about the habit and routine of your baby, your babies likes and dislikes, hi/her temperament etc.
  • – Develop an habit of following up with the caretaker about your baby every week  and at initial stage talk with the care taker every alternate day to inquire is your baby going well with the day care and is happy there.
  • – Follow up with the caretaker, particularly after the first few days of the caretaker’s caring for your infant. You will want to know how your baby fared all day and if your baby is happy after the day care. It’s actually a very long day for infants whose parents must go off to work, and you will want your baby to be as content as possible.

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