Fourth Month Pregnancy: Crossing into the fourth month of pregnancy i.e. the second trimester gives a different feeling all together. Your baby is more active than before alternating between sleep and active time.

During these weeks of pregnancy, no new organs are formed but the muscles continue to develop. Features are starting to resemble a real baby and the ossification process sees cartilages being replaced with soft bones.

He/she can swallow, suck on his/ her thumb and urinates in the amniotic fluid. Measuring about 6 inches the baby continues to develop and become more and more aware.

Fourth Month Pregnancy – What to expect & symptoms

  • Riot of emotions – Pregnant women often feel a lot of emotions at the same time or what may look exaggerated to others. One of the reasons is the movement of the baby which is constant reminder for the mother of her child.
  • Fourth month pregnancy also sees a rise in energy levels and appetite reason being nausea and dizziness vanish. You are no longer tired but instead gearing up to take exercise classes or enjoy being pregnant.
  • Urine testing and measurements are some of the prime things you will experience at the doctor’s. They will check your weight according to the fourth month pregnancy chart and measure the height of the uterus. It is essential check your sugar and proteins levels to keep in check your baby’s health.

What you must do during the fourth month pregnancy

Given that your baby ears are developing, listen to music, read books aloud, play music if you know any instrument as your baby will respond to all this. This will also keep you mood light and happy which is good for the baby. Also, pregnant women should try sleeping on their left side as circulation is best that way.

Avoid getting a cold from anyone since you already may have a running nose or a choked nose can hamper your breathing and oxygen intake to the baby. Move away from anyone smoking or ask your friends not to smoke while you are around as smoke inhaled can harm the baby. Chicken pox is another infection that can complicate matters for the baby. Do not make contact and politely leave using any excuse from the presence of the person concerned.

You are definitely showing by now and need one size bigger clothes for everyday wear. Try on garments like wrap dresses or loose shirts or pants with adjustable waist bands as you will grow even bigger in the following months and cannot wear or stock up on maternity clothes from now.

Make a note of the date when you feel your baby’s movements for the first time. Tell your doctor about the same as it helps accurate the due date.

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