Pregnancy is associated with some amount of discomfort but it may vary from person to person. No two women are identical. The common pregnancy problems can be easily tackled with awareness and your family support. Seek doctor’s advice if the situation becomes unbearable.

To be a mom-to-be is definitely the best part of your life. It feels great to find out that you are going to be a mother soon. It is the happiest moment of a woman’s life.

An array of thoughts just flutters your mind anticipating the new life within you and how your life would change with the new arrival. With the new found joy comes some uncanny complications that make your life a little troublesome. But that is a part of being pregnant so learn about them and the ways to deal with them in an easy simplified way.

10 Most Common Pregnancy Problems, Complications & Complaints

Here are mentioned some common problems associated with pregnancy:

1. Morning Sickness

Every pregnant woman must have experienced this complaint every morning. Due to altered hormones in the body, the problem of morning sickness arises.

Some experiences constant sessions of vomiting while others may have abdominal discomfort. Feeling of nausea persists in women and medical advice is required to control the situation. You may keep some good crackers near your bed and eat them before getting off the bed in the morning.

2. Fatigue and Tiredness

Feeling fatigue and tiredness is another complaint during pregnancy. Anemia or low hemoglobin level of the mother may also result in fatigue. Eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables to increase your blood hemoglobin level and keep you charged with energy through tout the day.

3. Frequent Urination

As the pregnancy advances the developing baby presses against the mother’s urinary bladder causing a feeling of urgency and the need to pass urine frequently. By avoiding beverages and spices, excessive urination may be controlled. Get your urine tested for presence of any infection. The probability of urinary tract infection should not be ignored. Consult your doctor who might advice some antibiotics to treat the infection if present.

4. Annoying Headaches

Headaches are very common in pregnant women. The causes are many. Changing hormones, fatigue and constipation are some causes that may lead to headaches in expecting mothers. Application of a pain balm or a mild analgesic may relive the annoying headache. Sometimes talking a short nap also relives the pain.

5. Hemorrhoids and Constipation

A frequent complaint during pregnancy is that of constipation. Vitamins and iron rich diet is prescribed during pregnancy which causes constipation in most of the females.

Constipation lead to development of hemorrhoids as defecation becomes painful and requires straining. Your growing baby also exerts pressure on your rectum causing constipation. Drinking a lot of fluids and taking food rich in natural fibers proves to be beneficial.

6. Dizziness

In the second and third trimester of pregnancy blood usually accumulates in the legs and then goes to the uterus where I is needed for the growth of the baby. Reduced blood pressure leads to dizziness and you feel low and down.
Eat regular frequent meals to keep your blood sugar level normal and move from one place to the other. Avoid lying towards your right side.

7. Swollen and Bleeding Gums

During pregnancy the gums become swollen, tender and often bleed. Increased blood flow accounts for the situation. Regular brushing with a soft bristles toothbrush is recommended. Take vitamin C tablets and fresh citrus fruits to treat the condition.

8. Legs Cramps

Pregnant ladies experience the painful leg cramps due to growing baby exerting pressure on legs and altered body chemistry.
Taking milk and dairy product and calcium tablets may prove to be helpful. Even mild stretching exercises are beneficial.

9. Indigestion and Flatulence

The changing hormones alter the digestive process in a pregnant woman and result in indigestion or flatulence.
The enlarging uterus also presses the stomach and interferes with the digestion process and pushes the digestive acids and juices towards the throat causing heartburns and flatulence.

You should eat slowly and chew properly. Avoid lying down immediately after taking food. In severe cases consult your doctor.

10. Soreness of Muscles

Pregnant ladies may have soreness of muscles of back, hips, sciatic or pelvis. This is primarily due to increasing size of growing uterus and hormonal changes.

By wearing flat footwear and avoiding lifting heavy objects can prove to be great help. Try to sit using a support for your backbone.

The pregnancy problems are transient and end with the arrival of your tiny bundle of joy. So do not get perplexed just learn about them and know how to deal with them.

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