know_your_protectionModern society is moving fast and women contraceptives have seen a rise in sale. However, many myths prevalent about contraceptives and their use that a woman is bound to feel confused. Scientists have discovered that contraceptive pill can protect a woman against ovarian cancer. Other study suggest that pills can cause problems in conceiving. Following are few important points on contraceptives which should be considered before thinking to use them.

Contraceptives are used when a woman does not want to become pregnant despite sexual contact. A majority of women in their reproductive age use reversible methods of contraception like oral contraceptives and condoms. This has also become popular in teen use of contraceptives. However, there are also others who rely on female or male sterilization. But before moving ahead, you need to have a clear understanding of contraceptives without getting lost in plethora of myths prevalent today. Many people think that since they are taken regularly, oral contraceptives build up in the body. However, the fact is that these pills dissolve in the stomach just like other medicines and do not build in the body. Some women might experience slight weight gain but you cannot associate becoming fat by intake of contraceptive pills.

The contraceptive pill can protect a woman against ovarian cancer for at least 20 years after she stops taking it.

Even for those women who have a tendency of weight gain due to oral contraceptive, exercise and nutritious diet can prevent weight gain. There is also a prevalent myth that injectable contraceptives can lead to infertility. However, that is not the case and occasionally there are certain instances when it can take several months for the periods to become regular and normal. If you fear that condom can get lost in a woman’s body then just free yourself from that fear as condoms are too big in size to get through the cervix.

Given above are certain basic facts on contraceptives. Do not think that taking pills can be linked to being promiscuous as it is an act of self protection and taking prior prevention is better than unwanted pregnancies.

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