planning_babyPlanning a baby is the most important and critical decision that a couple makes. In today’s competitive world couples avoid kids at initial phase  for getting a stabilized career. In my previous article Contraceptive choice for female i have explained all the contraceptive option available.

But once decided to plan a baby, be very careful with your health and habits. Consult  a doctor before planning a baby and if possible undergo a routine checkup. A baby is a sweet responsibility for both of you,  so plan your finances, job schedule, credits etc in advance. Knowing your fertility period and using it will be beneficial for a healthy baby. Here are few tips on do’s and dont’s of planning a baby :

Do’s Of Planning a Baby :

Quit Smoking:

Cigarettes contain nicotine which causes faster deterioration of fertility and premature aging. In women, smoking increases the chances of miscarriage and premature delivery. In men, sperm count is reduced by smoking.

Enjoy  Sex :

Enjoy sex and don’t let it just become a routine of your life. Share your likes, dislikes with your partner. Research shows that sex has a positive effect on your health. A healthy sex reduces problems like irregular ovulation, dryness in vagina, act as a stress buster and removes depression etc.

Develop an Understanding of Your Cycle:

A  women is most fertile when she gets her period, day 12 to 18 are most fertile. During fertile period having sex every alternate day increases the chances of pregnancy.

Develop a Habit of Exercising Regularly:

Carrying and delivering a baby requires the mother to be physically fit and toned. Habit of exercising regularly will keep you in shape and fit, moreover it will also provides you physical strength to deliver a baby.

Get yourself  Tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs):

In general STD s don’t  effect in pregnancy, but can effect the baby in long run. Std’s don’t have any common symptoms, so it is advisable to get it checked.

Don’t of Planning a baby :

Avoid using lubricants :

The vaginal lubrication creams usually have spermicide thereby backfiring your effort. Avoid using lubrication and indulge in ample foreplay for women to get well  lubricated.

Reduce Gaps:

Usually while planning a baby it has been seen that men remain abstain ( saving fertility for ovulation ), reduces the motility and quality of sperms. If you are planning a baby having sex alternate days is the most conductive option for pregnancy.

Very Long family Planning.

Woman’s have a limited number of eggs quality of which starts declining after the age of 30. Moreover,  fertility also declines after thirty. In men, the quality of sperm reduces after 30.

Don’t Get up immediately :

Don’t rush to wash yourself after intercourse. Lying down is the best option as it ensure minimum leakage. Semen is vicious and need some time to liquefy. It is advisable to keep a pillow under the hips after intercourse

Do you any other points on planning a baby which i have missed? I would love you to leave me a comment and let me hear your opinion. If you’ve got any thoughts, comments or suggestions for things we could add, leave a comment.