All pregnant women require additional supply of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help the body which are also known as pregnancy diet. Healthy pregnancy diet and additional supplements promote the baby’s development & growth. These nutrients are an integral part of pregnancy diet to control production of hormones and cholesterol.  Typically, most of the vitamins are found in Fruits, Vegetables, Whole-grain breads and pastas, Milk products, Beans, Lean red meat, Poultry and Fish that is low in mercury. Apart from these essential vitamins you require special nutrients. Here are the most important nutrients (essential nutrients) which are required in pregnancy for you and your baby.

  1. Iron – Iron is required for the development of healthy blood cells and to ensure adequate oxygen supply in you and your baby during pregnancy.
    Sources Of Iron – Iron is found in lean red meat, dried peas and beans, whole grains, enriched cereals, dark green vegetables, dried fruits and nuts.
  2. Folic Acid – Folic acid is essential for the development of your baby’s brain and nervous system . It also required for the development of healthy blood cells.
    Sources Of Folic Acid – Folic acid is found in Orange juice , grape fruit, nuts, cantaloupe, dried peas and beans, dark green vegetables.
  3. Calcium – Calcium is required for the development and protection of teeth and gums in you and your baby. It also help reduce high blood pressure.
    Sources Of Calcium – Milk and milk products sesame seeds, almonds, black trap molasses, fortified soy milk, soy beans, broccoli, turnip.
  4. Vitamin A – Vitamin is essential for overall growth and development of your baby. It is also very important in developing your baby’s immune and vision system.
    Sources Of Vitamin A – Vitamin A is found in orange and dark green fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs and cheese.
  5. Vitamin D – Vitamin D is important as it helps the calcium in protecting and building strong, healthy bones and teeth’s.
    Sources Of Vitamin D – Vitamin is found in sunlight, milk and milk products, egg’s.
  6. Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B 12 is required for making new cells (especially blood cells) and is important in building a healthy nervous system.
    Sources Of Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B 12 is found in lean meats, certain fish, eggs, milk, hard cheese, fortified breakfast soy products.
  7. Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps in strengthens the immune system and helps build healthy tissues in your baby.
    Sources Of Vitamin C – Citrus Fruits, Vitamin enriched apple juice, green vegetables, tomato juice.
  8. Fatty Acid – Fatty acid is required I the development of brain and nervous system, hormone production and in the development of vision.
    Sources of Fatty Acid – Fatty acid is found in soybean, canola oils an non- hydrogenated margarine, some soy based products ( tofu).
  9. Protein – Protein help in building and repairing of tissues. It is also important for fluid balance maintains and aids in blood clotting. It is also very important for the development of  immune system.
    Sources Of Protein – Protein is found in lean meat and poultry, combined grains and legumes, seed, nuts, egg and milk products.

Keep in mind that many women are allergic to specific vitamins, minerals etc. so it will be wise to consult your gynecologist before starting any nutrient, supplements. He/She will be a better person to prescribe a dose and will tell you how much you should take. There are few known supplements which were proven harmful during pregnancy, that’s why confirming everything with your doctor is a MUST.

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