Many women stop having sex or starts ignoring sex believing that they might hurt the baby during pregnancy. During the first trimester it is advised not to have sex as there are lots going on with your life like morning sickness, vomiting and fatigue make it become last think in your mind. But, you can enjoy safe sex in coming trimesters as you will feel your body cannot get just enough sex. For some women they don’t even get any excitement and fail to feel the urge to have sex. Gynecologists suggest that different women feel differently when it comes to sex during pregnancy. For some women sex becomes the last thing in the world but some women want it daily or more than what they were doing when not pregnant.

When you were not pregnant sex was an exciting, intimate and fun thing for sure but when you start expecting things become quite different. In second trimester you will notice minor changes to your body (we are talking more than just belly bumps here!), intimacy can be a very wild, crazy, unexpected joy. You have to assure your husband/partner that he won’t hurt/harm the baby by having sex to enjoy wonderful sex life during pregnancy. Following are few things which will make pregnancy sex super enjoyable.

Consult your Gynecologist

Ensure to consult with your gynecologist that you have no pregnancy related complications and it’s safe to have sex in second or third trimester. This is just a precaution to ensure the safety of the baby and making sure that sex during your pregnancy is not dangerous for you or the baby.

Stress Free Sex as No Conception is required

Women due to fear of pregnancy always use some conception or have their male partners use conception just to avoid accidental pregnancy. But this is the time of your life where you can have ample sex without worry about getting pregnant. Remember, you are already pregnant so it won’t make you pregnant again. Stress is an integral part of sex life which always lies somewhere in women’s mind so enjoy stress free sex life. Many women report that “Not worrying about getting pregnant was the best part of pregnancy sex”. No condoms, no pills, no ejaculation outside just sheer pleasure that’s what make this time memorable.

Body becomes more flexible

Most of the women are not very agile or flexible but during pregnancy your body generates natural hormones that essentially make you more flexible and agile. You would be able to stretch more and loosen up your body part the way you never could. Basically your body starts preparing itself more flexible for the delivery but the silent side effect (safe sex) make is even more enjoying.

One of my colleagues told me that “Too much time running and being active and not enough time doing yogo/pilates/stretching means I’m normally a fairly inflexible person. Once my body started producing relaxin (hormone that relaxes all your ligaments) I become considerably more flexible and was able to get into some ‘interesting’ and very satisfying positions”.

Exciting Body-line Changes

You must have started feeling belly bumps by now but it’s natural. Your body undergoes so many changes during pregnancy. But that isn’t the only part of your body to change after pregnancy. You will slowly notice that your hips widen up a bit making your curves botylicious. Your breasts will become bigger which your husband will surely live. I have heard many women saying that their husbands loved their pregnant body.

(P.S. your other lady parts are also likely to feel different, since your vagina undergoes major changes during pregnancy. Among those changes: increased sensitivity, which can mean lots of good things for you … and, yes, we mean lots!)

Exploring new sexual positions

During pregnancy you will not be able to use your regular sexual position all the time; slowly you will notice that your usual go-to positions not so easy to do anymore. But due to increase in flexibility you will be able to try new sexual positions which are really exciting in nature. These new positions will liven up your sex life and make sex fun.

Although, we sex during pregnancy is a good exercise still many women prefer not to do it. I would suggest that if your gynecologist is okay with it then you then you shouldn’t starve yourself from having stress free sex with your partner. Keep in mind that Your developing baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in your uterus, as well as the mucous plug that blocks the cervix throughout most of your pregnancy. Sexual activity won’t affect your baby. Moreover, miscarriages are usually related to chromosomal abnormalities or other problems in the developing baby and got nothing to do with sex. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences of sex during pregnancy. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest sex and relationship updates.