Parenthood is a joy that every parent wants and deeply wishes. Surrogacy is definitely a way to bring happiness in the life of a childless couple. Here are 20 Things To Know When Planning To Rent A Womb (Surrogate Mother) and surrogacy.

20 Things Every Surrogate Mother Should Sknow

It is rightly said, “Parenthood:  That state of being better chaperoned than you were before marriage.” Children are the little angels without them the house is not a home. It is difficult to understand the pathos of a infertile childless couple. Thanks to the scientific developments surrogacy comes to rescue.

What is a Surrogate Mother?

A surrogate mother is that woman who carries the other’s child with prior intimation of relinquishing after birth. Generally surrogate mother does not hold any legal right on the born child. A surrogate mother is financially rewarded for her help.

Types of Surrogate Mother(s)

There are two types of surrogate mother(s).

  1. The Traditional Surrogate Mother
  2. Gestational Surrogate Mother

The Traditional Surrogate Mother

Traditional Surrogate Mother is artificially inseminated by the father’s sperms. Surrogate Mother carries the resulting baby till birth and hands over to the legal parents. The egg belongs to the surrogate mother and the sperm to the father.

The Gestational Surrogate Mother

The eggs belong to the actual mother and sperm to the father.  In vitro fertilization occurs and then the embryo is placed in the womb of the surrogate mother for further development. There are no genetic links or ties between the child and the surrogate mother.

Reasons to use a Surrogate Mother

  • A woman may have some biological problem in her uterus.
  • Woman may have had a hysterectomy for any medical reason.
  • There may be some serious heart ailment.
  • Parents may opt for a surrogate mother due to their marital issues.
  • Age may also be an important reason.
  • Sexual orientation may also be a reason for opting for surrogacy.

Mandatory conditions for a Surrogate Mother

  • A Surrogate Mother should be at least 21 years old.
  • A Surrogate Mother has cleared her psychological screening to check her mental health.
  • A Surrogate Mother is willing to hand the baby after giving birth to the parents.
  • A Surrogate Mother is well aware of the agreement and should know about the importance of taking good care during pregnancy.

At times the decision to become a surrogate mother may be hard. It is imperative not to jump for surrogacy without proper understanding and counseling.

20 Things to Know When Planning To Rent A Womb

It is highly imperative for a surrogate mother to know what she actually feels about surrogacy. Does she really want to be a surrogate mother?

A through introspection is needed to let your heart and mind at sync before actually taking the decision of becoming a surrogate mother.

1. Introspection

Think properly whether you are comfortable carrying someone else’s baby. Are you comfortable to heave a baby in your womb for a long time and then part with it without any attachments?

2. Go for a Psychological Counseling

Once you have taken the decision, you should next go for a psychological counseling. You should be clear in your thoughts and emotions. Surrogate counseling centers may be a great help.

3. Have Insurance

It is very important to have insurance coverage throughout the surrogacy process. Apart from the emotions a lot of money is at stake so you should have a proper insurance covering the process.

4. Go for a medical Counseling

Seek the services of a fertility clinic to understand the intricacies of carrying a pregnancy. You should know about the medicines taken during pregnancy and what all to avoid.

5. Take Care of Your Health

Remember you are a valuable person. Lot of emotions and expectations are at stake.  You should be hale and hearty to undergo a series of tests involved in the process as well as the baby in a healthy way.

6. Be Clear In Thoughts

A surrogate mother should be vivid and clear in thoughts that the child she is carrying is not hers and belongs to the legal parents. Try not to have any emotional bondage with the child, although it is a tough task.

7. Not Everyone Can become a Surrogate Mother

Only those women who are physically fit without any probable illnesses and also emotionally and psychologically stable and strong can become a surrogate mother. It is not a simple decision rather a crucial and difficult one. Monetary benefit alone should not be the driving force.

8. Never Get Carried Away By Emotions

Becoming a surrogate mother should not be a decision driven by mere emotions. You may want to give a child to a childless couple but be absolutely sure that are you comfortable giving your nurtured child to someone else. You should not sink into an emotional turmoil once the decision is made. Have your mind over emotions and do not be swayed by your soft sentiments.

9. Keep the Secret

Couples seeking the services and help of the surrogate mothers usually want to keep their privacy and secrecy.  It is a private affair and it is the utmost duty of the surrogate mother to abide by the contract.

10. Feel Special And Proud

Giving birth is the most special and honorable thing. Being a surrogate mother you are special as you are in a position to bring happiness and joy to the childless couple’s dark and gloomy world. You are a ray of light to their bleak world. Aren’t you special?

11. Be Empathetic

It is important for you to be empathetic and sympathetic towards the entire situation. Have a better understanding and a sympathetic attitude towards the childless couple.

12. Financial Reasons

Becoming a surrogate mother should not be the financially driven decision. It should be accompanied by a deep desire to render unmatched help to the childless couple. Money is definitely paid as compensation but this alone should not be the propelling force. Be human and be helpful.

13. Lifelong Relationships

Surrogate mothers usually develop lifelong relationships with the child and the couple. Couples may share periodic updates about the child’s development and other activities with a surrogate mother.

14. Couples Owe Respect

The childless couples owe a lot of reverence and respect towards the woman who has brought happiness in their world. They give a lot of respect and consideration to the surrogate mother.

15. Immense Gratification

By giving the best gift to a childless couple a surrogate mother experiences immense gratification and  unmatched satisfaction. Child is something that only a human female can give and by doing so a surrogate mother becomes like an angel for the childless couple.

16. Have a Helping Attitude

Remember by becoming a surrogate mother, you are helping the childless couple have a child of their own. It is an amazing feeling to give them the most precious thing on the planet – “their own child”.

17. You are Their Angel!

A surrogate mother is like an angel or a Santa to the childless couple. You are their fortune harbinger and are capable to fulfill their most desired thing- the child.

18. A Rewarding Experience

Being a surrogate mother is a selfless and a rewarding experience. The contract period is for a complete year till the birth of the baby. The time, health and inconvenience caused is compensated in terms of money.

19. The Process May Be Scary (Surrogate Pregnancy)

For some surrogate mother, the process may be scary and frightening. Take the services of a counselor who will help you overcome all the hidden fears and apprehensions.

20. No Adequate Law

Practically speaking there is no law to safeguard the interest of the surrogate mother. So choose the parents very carefully to avoid falling prey to any lacunas in the contract. Do not pick any couple randomly. Have a meeting with them and try to understand their authenticity before opting to be a surrogate mother for them.

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