Fifth Month Pregnancy: Fifth month is exciting as a whole lot of new things take place. On the baby’s development front, finger pads, teeth buds behind the already present 20 teeth start to develop.

Eye lashes and brow’s turn more realistic and the skin starts to develop fat to keep the baby warm. The hair growth from the fourth month gets thicker in the fifth month of pregnancy.

At about 9 inches in the fifth month of pregnancy, the baby becomes more sensitive to his/her environment outside of the uterus. You would very often feel your baby reacting badly to loud noises or shrill sounds. He or she may get startled or kick in respond of dislike.

If you baby happens to be a girl, she will also develop eggs in her ovaries during this month.

Fifth Month Pregnancy – What to expect & symptoms

  • Constipation – This can get increasingly uncomfortable and can plague you from time to time. Take care about your diet by accommodating liquids in it.
  • Swelling around legs or cramps – A lot of pregnant women face swelling around the ankles or cramps.
  • Irritability – Pregnant women may get impatient round this month with the increase in weight, the various changes the body tries to juggle and other symptoms like cramps.
  • Backache’s can be a sore point as your back can start to get stiff. Maintain a proper posture but the best would be if you place a small pillow behind to give you better support.
  • Bleeding gums may not be seen in all pregnant women but can occur during pregnancy.
  • Increase in vaginal discharge

What you must do during the fifth month pregnancy

If you were too tired to work up energy till the end of first trimester, now would be a time to take a few birthing classes or exercise lessons. Five months pregnant women should either take short walks in the mornings, evenings or after dinner or go for a swim as it’s known to be a good way to exercise for pregnant women and relaxes muscles. In case you’re a runner, run lightly using a good pair of snickers and not over do it. You can also take classes which inform you about breathing at the time of birth or about precautions and easy exercises.

As mentioned above pregnant women can also get easily irritated or impatient around this stage of pregnancy. The best remedy here would be to plan for your baby birth. Map out a blue print of what you want and what way you want them. From the capturing of birth on camera to monitoring of the baby and necessities for after birth, keep yourself happy thinking about when your baby will finally be here and what you would want to do.

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