Pregnancy brings happiness and related responsibilities-responsibility to be protective and concerned about the new arrival. Being a mom-to-be, you need to be aware and conscious of what is correct to follow and what to avoid. Here are some common pregnancy hearsay and pregnancy myths that you should know.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and probably the best part in a woman’s life. A woman never feels more sexy and attractive than when she is expecting. She becomes the part of Lord’s greatest miracle that is to give birth to a new life.
Someone has rightly mentioned, “A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die.”

Probably the most complicated and intricate thing that anyone human being can do is to form a new life. Bernard Shaw has stated, “Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born.”
To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited.

20 Pregnancy Myths & Facts:

There are a number of wrong conceptions about pregnancy. You should clear all doubts and facts if you are an expectant mother.

Myth no: 1- Stretch Marks:

You must have heard people saying that cocoa butter is effective in preventing stretch marks due to pregnancy.

Fact: Absolute rubbish. There are no proven facts for this common myth. In fact some women experience a tough time if they are sensitive to it.

Myth No: 2- You Can’t Fly

The second most common myth is that you should not fly during first and last three months of pregnancy.

Fact: An absolute false statement. You can fly at any time during the entire pregnancy. The airlines avoid taking pregnant women on the fear of them getting labor or any other emergency.

Myth No: 3-Can’t Pet A Cat

Another myth is that you cannot pet your favorite cat during pregnancy.

Wrong. See what has a cat to do with you being pregnant?
However you should avoid changing cat’s litter box if you are pregnant as you may be infected by toxoplasmosis from the dookies.

Myth No: 4- Do not eat Salmon

Another common notion is that you should not eat salmon?

Fact: Again wrong notion. Rather smoked Salmon is highly nutritious for expectant mothers. It is enriched with DHA (omega-3 fatty acids). DHA is highly beneficial for pregnant ladies.

Myth No: 5- Cannot eat Sushi

An important myth prevalent widely is that a pregnant woman cannot eat Sushi.

Fact: Well there is nothing wrong with Sushi, but avoid Mackerel, shark swordfish and too much tuna.

Myth No: 6- Do not Eat Hot Dogs

Pregnant women should not eat hot dogs.

Fact: An absolute false statement. Pregnant mother can take hot dogs if they love eating it. But they should be properly cooked.

Myth No: 7- Keep away From Polished furniture

Pregnant women should keep themselves away from polished furniture.

Fact: This is not true in the slightest sense. What harm wooden furniture can do to pregnant women? It simply makes no sense.

Myth No: 8-Do not Dye Hair

A pregnant lady should not dye her hair.

Fact: Absolute rubbish. Do you believe that?

Myth No: 9-Cannot have Sex

Fact: Wrong and weird one. There is nothing wrong with having sex during pregnancy. But avoid sex during first trimester.

Myth No: 10-Should not raise hands over head

Are you pregnant? Do not raise hands over your head.

Fact: A completely wrong notion. A pregnant should not raise hands over head only if there some medical problem.

Myth No: 11- Should not touch toes

A common myth is that do not touch your feet during pregnancy..

Fact: Well this statement holds no truth unless you have some associated medical problem

Myth No: 12- Sleeping on the left side

It is advisable for a pregnant woman to sleep on their left side.

Fact: Again false. You can sleep on either side depending upon the side that gives you maximum comfort.

Myth No: 13- No hot baths

A pregnant woman should not take hot bath.

Fact: false but not absolutely. Avoid taking bath in saunas, or Jacuzzi where temperature is above 102 degrees.

Myth No: 14- Do not take coffee

A pregnant woman should not drink coffee

Fact: Well not true actually. Having a cup or two would do no harm to your tiny junior.

Myth No: 15- Baby’s position can tell you its sex

Well the position of the baby in the womb can tell you about its sex

Fact: Absolute false. This is not possible at all. By no technique apart from an ultra-sonography can you determine the sex of the baby.

Myth No: 16- If pregnant then eat for two

A pregnant woman should eat for two people as there are two individuals depending on food.

Fact: False notion is here. During pregnancy the calorie requirement is 300 more than the normal. SO if you eat for two you end up having large size babies.

Myth No: 17- Bigger babies are better babies

Another false perception is that bigger babies are better babes.

Fact: False. Babies should be healthy and not over-sized. Very large babies suffer from obesity and diabetes. So have a healthy baby and not a large baby.

Myth No: 18- Want to be pregnant, stand on your head after having sex

A general notion is that standing on your head immediately after having intercourse increases your chance of being pregnant.

Fact: False. There is no truth in the statement. If it was any truth in the statement, all infertile couples were having babies by just lying on bed post coitus.

Myth No: 19-Walking makes your labor easy

You must have heard people say that walking makes your labor easy and simple.

Fact: Again false. Walking definitely increases blood circulation and burns extra calories but it has no proven record in speeding up or simplifying labor.

Myth No: 20- Fetal heart rate and the sex of the baby

A popular misconception is the determination of fetal sex on the basis of fetal heart rate.

Fact: Utter rubbish. Fetal heart rate is concerned with the heart condition of fetus and has got nothing to do with the sex determination in any way.

In today’s fast developing world the beautiful experience of being pregnant has been transformed so stay away from illogical notions and believe what is proven and scientifically established.

Remember going out during pregnancy, when an eclipse falls will in no way make your child born with a cleft lip or palate.

Be modern and scientific and pay no heed to useless rubbish myths. Enjoy your pregnancy and listen only to your doctor. Please leave us a comment and let us know any pregnancy myth you have come across. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest pregnancy news, tips and articles in your mailbox.