When it comes to decorating the venue for your big day, there is plenty to consider and much that you will need to try and get right. In many respects, decorating your wedding day is going to be one of the longest and most difficult aspects of the entire planning process. You will probably find yourself stressing about those decisions as much as anything else; after all, you do want your guests to be wowed, and you also want them to feel welcome, both of which are accomplished by proper decorating. If you are struggling, let’s take a look at a few key characteristics which you might want to try and go for. Doing so will likely help you in this process.


Chances are, you are already pretty set on your theme for the day, and something you will definitely want to do is keep your decorations in line with that theme. Themes can range from the extremely simple to the inordinately complex, from just a basic colour scheme to a more sophisticated idea. Either way, make sure that the decisions you make regarding your decorations are in keeping with the overall theme for the day. Any discrepancies can work to detract from the overall effect, so work hard to keep them to a minimum.


It’s your day, and it makes sense that you should try to make it work as personal to you. But being personal in your designs also means incorporating your understanding of your loved ones. It adds a wonderful little human touch to the whole event if you lay out tables with personalized settings for each person in question. You can even buy stationary online which is personalized, so that you can have placeholders with everyone’s names on it. This is likely to go down well, and often it is the personal touch which can really finish off a whole decorative effort.

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A cardinal error when planning the decorations for a wedding day is to go too far with it. The truth is, simple is usually better. Once you have your basic design for what to do, you should stick to that, but try not to include too many frills or extras, as before long these can all too easily take up far too much space and too much time during your planning. Keep it simple, and you will be saving yourself a lot of hassle, as well as saving everyone’s eyes on the day!


It can be hard to know whether your decoration plan is truly unique; most likely, pretty much every kind of theme has been done somewhere before. But while the overall design might not be original, you can find ways to make it yours and yours alone. Include a few personal, small flavors to ensure that you feel as though the day is really yours. This is probably the most important of all – you only get one of these ways, after all, so make sure that you make the most of it by making it as true to you as possible.

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