You’ve decided to have a destination wedding and are frantically googling the best places to get hitched in the world. There are many fantastic locations all around the world, so it is up to you to choose from the huge selection of places to get married.

From the romantic Florentine churches to the wide open spaces of Alaska, there are simply too many places to choose from, and something as important and special as choosing where you will get married can sometimes end up being overwhelming.

Your budget and the budget of your guests will, of course, make a huge factor in deciding where you choose to get married, as well as the logistics and health considerations of transporting young children or elderly guests.

Once you have decided how far you are willing to travel, then you can narrow down the countries of your choice by their importance or significance to you and your fiance. Perhaps you met in a particular European country or have always talked about your shared desire to visit a specific city.

Either way now is your time to build your dream wedding in a place that feels right to you.If you fancy a European wedding destination, or want a Caribbean getaway and are in need of some inspiration, check out the following wedding destinations.

Lake Como in Italy

Get married on Italy’s most romantic lake to a background of gardens, beautiful villas, and Italian scenery. For an unforgettable wedding, there is nothing quite like the truly authentic Italian experience which getting married on Lake Como will provide.

Lake Como is located only half an hour from metropolitan Milan, which will allow you and your guests to have the option of staying in Milan or visiting it after or before the wedding.

Make sure you plan and hire local help for your wedding from the suppliers of the wedding cake, caterers, and photographers such as the wedding photographer Vittore Buzzi who operates in Lake Como.


Apart from the sun, sea and magnificent landscape, Jamaica is also a rich and diverse country to explore and make the most of while you are there. While you are in the Caribbean consider taking your honeymoon hopping along various Caribbean Islands. Jamaican people are also known for being incredibly friendly, and fun-loving and is sure to make you feel welcome.

There are all-inclusive resorts which cater to weddings such as the resorts of Montego Bay. Jamaica is also an affordable country to spend time in and can help keep you within your budget while allowing you to enjoy a Caribbean paradise.


With a deep and almost mystical history, Ireland is the perfect fairy tale getaway for those who prefer the culture and grandeur that this country brings. There are many options for your wedding venue in Ireland, from castles with moats to quaint barns and outdoor marquees where you can enjoy the beautiful Irish countryside.

If you are not the beach holiday type of person, then consider getting married in Ireland. With so many places to choose from in Ireland, your biggest difficulty will be deciding what town or city in which to get married!