Themed weddings are a lot of fun. How else to make your special day suit you and your partner? There’s nothing wrong with tradition. But, if you don’t inject personality, it can seem cold. The tradition wasn’t made with you both in mind. No one will look back and think how much that day suited you.

When working with a theme, you can inject your personalities into everything. People will look back and know who’s wedding it was. They’re also more likely to remember it for a long time to come. To make a theme work, it’s important you inject it into every aspect of your day. Here’s how to spread your idea all over the place!


The sooner you decide your theme, the better. That way, everything you pick for your wedding will be relevant. You’ll also be able to move forward a lot faster this way. One way to choose early on is to make plans based on your theme, instead of the other way around. You may want to hold fire on deciding until you find a venue. Don’t. Instead, pick a place that suits the theme you’ve already decided.

This will also ensure that you work with the theme you want, instead of one that’s convenient! Incorporate this theme from the off. Something like this Adobe Sparks wedding invitation maker will ensure you can include it in your invites. Using your idea at this early stage will ensure you inject personality into every aspect.


Once you know what you’re working with, you need to refer to your theme before any decision. For continuity, your idea needs to be present in every aspect of your day. Make sure that everything ties together nicely. If you’re unsure, refer to the design of your wedding invitations to remind you what you’re aiming for. When we say every aspect, we mean every aspect.

You need to refer to your theme when buying your dress, writing your vows, and even ordering your wedding food. Your theme will not work if you don’t make sure everything’s in keeping. You’ll end up with a wedding made up of lots of little bits. That will ruin the image you’re aiming for, and make planning harder for you.


We weren’t kidding when we said you need to ensure everything fits. Your wedding guests are as large a part of your day as your decoration choices. So, it’s important you let them know what the theme is. If you’ve opted for a fairy-tale wedding, you’ll want your guests to dress in a way that compliments your idea! Getting your guests in on the action can also be a lot of fun.

Let them dress up as different fairy-tale characters! You can let them know about your theme on the wedding invitations. If there’s a dress code, state it then. If not, give them a cheeky hint of what the theme is.