Picking the right color hair extensions is an extremely important part of the treatment process. The very last thing any woman wants is to pay hundreds of dollars for weave or weft hair extensions, only to find that they don’t match their natural hair color. When it comes to highlights and streaks, things might be a little different but generally speaking – you most definitely do want your extensions to match your natural color. It is the only true way to ensure that a hair extension is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Getting Right Color Hair Extensions

The question is – how does one go about picking the right color hair extension? What sort of colors are hair extensions available in, anyway? How can you tell if a particular color will match your natural tone? These are all important questions and to answer them – here’s a guide to finding the right color hair extensions.

Rooting It Out

Don’t worry about finding an extension that matches your roots – it’s almost impossible. It’s very difficult to judge your natural tone according to your roots as they’re made up of completely fresh hair that will eventually change. Furthermore, all good extensions are attached beneath your natural locks, so it shouldn’t matter about matching the color of your roots with the color of your hair extensions.

Finding The Sweet Spot

According to WikiHow expert Gabi Desmond, the most effective way to find a color match is to look at the bottom section of your hair. This is the part of your hair that an extension is designed to enhance and it must match as closely as possible. Isolate several strands of your own natural hair and follow the color down from the mid section to the tip. Note whether or not it changes as it reaches the bottom of the strand.

Color Test

As long as you’re not buying your hair extensions online, you can always perform a sight test. Simply hold an extension piece up to your hair in natural light to judge whether or not it is a good match. It can be useful to bring a friend along – sometimes a fresh eye can make a better judgement, especially if you’ve been preoccupied with trying to find a color match for a long time.

Doing It Online

A lot of people buy their hair extensions online, from sites like Hair Clip, but not many people know that for a small fee, you can request a color sample. It is always worth paying a little extra to make sure that a match is a good one, so don’t be afraid to ask a retailer if they are willing to send you a sample piece in the mail. Some companies do, in fact, work the other way around – they will ask you for a sample. In that case, just snip off a small piece of hair and send it in for a color analysis.

Dye Job

If you are using Remy extensions, made from 100% human hair, you can dye your piece to match your natural color. This is only an option for people using Remy human hair – it will irreparably damage all other types of extension. To be honest, this should only be considered if you have mistakenly bought an extension that doesn’t completely match your own hair. Just like with real hair, intense dyeing and styling doesn’t entirely kill strands but it isn’t a healthy thing for them to endure.

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