The life of a mom is preoccupied with the responsibilities of her child and personal care normally takes the backseat. She appears to be just Ok and still happy. Here we suggest some useful and important makeup tips for moms that are not only simple to follow but extremely effective in their results.

Makeup Tips For Busy Moms

Moms generally find it hard keeping pace with the changing world as far as make-up and glamor trends are concerned. They are so busy with their family life and toddlers that they keep their own grooming aside.

But with changing times there has been a remarkable change in the old mindset. Nowadays moms want to look as gorgeous as any other woman and they try to find out easy and simple makeup tips to help them in their pursuit of looking gorgeous and stunning as before.

15 Makeup Tips & Tricks for Busy Moms

Here are some useful make up tips that are easy and effective to follow. They will take care of the day-to-day beauty problems of the busy moms.

1.  Wash Your Face

The first and most important & basic makeup tip is to wash your face with clean water at least 3-4 times a day. Washing removes the dirt from your face and revives its vitality. Remember to wash your face before going to bed. This helps your skin to breathe properly.

2. Hide Those Tired Eyes

Your hectic routine might render your eyes tired and puffy. Apply a wet cold tissue on eyes for 1- 2 minutes, if you have tired and puffy eyes,. This will reduce the puffiness and will soothe the eyes. You may apply a branded eye brightening concealer to mask the dark circles. Application of sliced cucumber or potato is also helpful in removing dark circles

3. Use A Sunscreen

As a mother you must be taking your toddler out for a stroll or to a park. Apply a good sunscreen on your face and body before stepping out in the sun. It will protect your tender skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun. Do not scrunch your eyebrows as it may lead to early wrinkles.

4.  Translucent Powder

Powder can do wonder to your face. Apply it with a brush to give a final touch to your face. It will definitely make your face look impeccable and bright.

5.  Apply Vaseline

An amazing makeup tip is to apply Vaseline on the eyelashes. It makes them look durable and longer. Do not be surprised, just try this makeup tips to see the result.

6.  Beaten Eggs

Whenever you get time from your hectic schedule, apply a mask containing beaten eggs, some drops of lemon and honey. This is very effective in bringing new life and brightness to your dull face. It will make you look much younger.

7.  Moisturize Yourself

A good moisturizer is very important part of a beauty regime. Always apply moisturizer to rehydrate your face and hands.  Somehow if you do not have a good moisturizer at home, you may mix few drops of lemon in milk cream and apply it well on the face and hands. Wipe out the excess cream with a tissue.

8. Line Your Eyes Well

Use a pencil liner to highlight your eyes. Remember eyes speak volume, so do not neglect them. Mascara will give volume to your eyelashes so give some strokes on your lashes.

9. Give Your Hair Waves

Having medium or less hair on your scalp, don’t worry. Before going to bed, brush your hair properly and make a ponytail by applying a loose band on top of your head. In the morning simply brush them again. You will be surprised how beautiful and wavy your hair become!

10. Soften Your Feet

Use a salicylic acid or urea rich lotion or cream on your feet before going to bed. Massage well so the cream or lotion gets absorbed easily. This will transform the rough and dead skin with a soft and new skin.

11. Exfoliation is a Must

Dead cells should be removed from the skin if you intend to have a glowing skin to flaunt. Exfoliation serves the purpose. Scrub your face, neck and hands with a good facial scrub and be sure to have a beautiful and young skin.

12. Soft Lips

Lips are devoid of oil glands and therefore get dried fast. You should apply a good lip balm like eos Lip Balm or salve to rehydrate the lips and make them look desirable and luscious.

13. Hands

Do not forget to take care of your hands. They are in constant touch with water and other chemicals. A good hand regime consist of washing hands with water, scrubbing with scrub and then applying a branded hand cream and massing it for 5-6 minutes. Trust me these makeup tips will soften your hands.

14. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Apart from the external applications, give a thought to what you eat. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. Water is essential not only for quenching thirst but is also important for removing harmful toxins from the body. It regulates your digestion and enhances the elasticity and viability of skin.

15.  Sleep Adequately

Being a mom you must be finding it difficult to have proper sleep. Try to find some peaceful hours in the daytime to rest for a while. Sleep is the natural rejuvenator and you should realize its importance.  Proper sleep is extremely important to maintain a sound balance between mind and body.

Just follow these wonderful makeup tips and see how easy and simple your daily make-up becomes! Your will definitely become a head-turner!

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