Acrylic nails are the most common variety found among artificial nails. Though you may have heard about the other types of nail art, most women as well as salons do acrylic as they are easy and also have a high preference among the customers. Not only can you get them done but acrylics are best for the DIY youth generation who like to experiment with different designs and nail shapes every now and then. Yes, this form of nail art is widely available at malls as well as your nearest departmental store in a variety of shapes and sizes.

For women who cannot seem to grow their nails, they can find solace by using acrylics as they are ideal for sporting natural looking beautiful long nails. The nails are made of a particular liquid and powder. For the best health of your nails it is recommended that you buy acrylics which have EMA i.e. Ethyl Methacrylate as the liquid as it protects your nails. Low quality acrylics and cheap ones use Methyl Methacrylate which can end up giving you skin allergies or really harming your nails. Hence, when buying acrylics read the back of the pack to know what you are using.

Acrylics should be applied by a pro manicurist but if you want to try the trick at home you are welcome to just follow the steps listed below.

How To Apply Acrylic on your Nails:

  • First of all, remove any nail polish and clean them. You don’t want old nail polish existing under the overlay. In any case, nail polish kept on too long is bad for the nails.
  • Let your hands dry and if you want lightly clean your nails with a towel.
  • Next take out your acrylic nails from the pack and also keep a good quality nail glue tube along.
  • Apply the glue to the insides of the nails and place them pressing down on your natural nails.
  • Once they have dried, buff them and you can carry on applying a color or doing any decorations.
  • These should last for about 10 days without maintenance. In case any of nails are in danger of coming off we suggest you keep a nail glue tube along for quick fix.

Acrylics are durable that’s what makes them favorites. Acrylics need filing and buffing and maintaining every two-three weeks which makes for half a month or more.

Lastly, when removing your acrylics, take extra amount of care. It can be a painful process and hence, you will need patience and proper dealing to do so. Keep acetone, olive oil, clipper, filler and a heavy cream to moisturize handy. Do not pull or try to tug at them as they can rip your natural nail leaving you screaming. Also, the damage can turn out to be permanent if you end up pulling them out. If you think you need a pro to look at it, visit a salon.

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