You must have heard of 3D movies right? How about 3D nail art? It is famous and is used by most nails bars and salons in international countries. 3D Nail or Japanese 3D nail art is a new innovation by nail art in the nail fashion industry to give the clients something more than the usual gel nails or acrylic. Though 3D nail art is now growing popular, but the trend initially started in the 90s. 3D nail art is done on acrylic nails as they have a long-lasting hold for accessories and use 3 dimension accessories for the tips.

3D accessories are made of sculpture powder to form them in the desired shape or size. Though Japanese nail art is safe and highly beautiful wear for your nails, maintaining it can turn out to be tough. The background colour plays an important part this art. It is used specifically to enhance your 3 dimension accessories and make them stand out.

Just like decals, stickers, fimo canes, 3 dimension accessories also come in various varieties like flowers or 3-dimension stars. Imagine wearing a shiny star on each of your tips on a Saturday night out. Did you ever think the 3 dimension effect will be used in some form of nail art fashion? Well it’s here for you to experiment with.

This art is nowhere possible to do on your own unless you are a manicurist yourself. Not so quick to do, once worn can become your favorite and will have you rushing to the salon to get it done. If you are thinking about getting this art done, know a bit about what happens during the process.

In the beginning, your nails are airbrushed to make them clear slates for designing. It is not necessary that only sculpted powder accessories will be used but also, 3D stickers and 3D paper art is used. Rocks and gems and even real crystals can be used to give your nails a luxurious and expensive look.

3-Dimension nail art tests patience and creativity and requires intricate care to do it. This kind of art is very suitable for a certain mood you feel like acting upon. While some people are still not aware of this art, some people are but cannot get it done as maybe the nail salon or bar in their city might not do it.

We suggest if you are a big fan of nail art, spend a few bucks on this art and you will love it. Pop divas, famous female singers and celebrities are seen to sport this trend. It’s your time for you to do so.

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