Nail Art Supplies – This can be as much fun as any shopping trip of yours provided you know what to look for but you happen to lack the terminology surrounding the world of nail art supplies. This article in particular is to empower you with all the jargon surrounding it so that you know what to ask for at the shopping store or surf online for. To start from the basics, here’s what you need.

This list should be available in your kit at any given time to keep your nails in good shape or ready them for any kind of nail art. A good set of nail paints and base coats which have great self life and do not turn gooey over time are a must have. Use a UV top coat to protect your nails and not let it chip away or discolor with exposure to the sun or tanning beds.

Stock yourself on Acetone, cotton swabs, filers for different nails tips, buffers or blocks and an excellent pair of nail art brushes to hand paint with, including liner brushes available in glitter and colors. To cater to the various kinds of nail art, you even have a variety of nail tips like the clear tips, French tips, colored tips or even Pre-designed ones.

Enter the world of nail decor and you will soon understand variety is the operating word. The latest in the nail art market is the Acrylic nail art. Apart from which, there are a number of other types of nail arts like Gel nail art, Japanese nail art, Air-brushing, 3D nail Art, Stamping, Glitter, Wedding nail art and many more.

For acrylics, you can use power as well as liquid to do your nail art. Airbrushed nail art designs requires you to be good with the airbrushing machine. Gel Nails are another way of enhancing your hands which require you to work with gels and can be mixed up fimo canes and glitter to produce beautiful nails.

Hand Painting is one way of going about nail art. You could use a brush or what they call nail art pens and stylus to sketch fine drawings on the nail plate. But if you look at other types of nail art like Japanese nail art, 3D or Bridal nail art then you will know that it is the accessories that make the art so beautiful.

Rhinestones is one of the most favorite item, feathers, beads, pearls decals, danglers and charms for which you will need a driller; these are some of the reasons why women love nail art. Nail art accessories are the equivalent of make up for your fingertips.

If you want to go one step ahead, try 3D Nail Art by using different accessories like mini dices or better yet read the term designer nail art supplies. Splurge for the one special occasion by wearing Swaroski on your fingertips. In all and all, nail art can only get better.

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