language-of-nail-colorsNail color chosen by you reflects your personality and helps in building an impression on people. So if you are taking a nail color as just merely an indication of color, just think again as you are just misguiding yourself.

Nail art is the latest trend in youngsters and youths. The youths are even ready to spend a lot of amount on nail care, nail spa and nail art. Nowadays nail color and nail art is considered as an essential part of one’s personality, gone are the days when nails was of minor importance for women.

Even the black color which was earlier considered as a symbol of mishap in many countries has gain a lot property and is most popular in youngsters. The market is full with various combination of shades and decorations for nails to choose from. The article summarizes the language your nails speak through different color:

Language Of colors of your nails:


Black nail color symbolizes a rebellion nature against social norms. It shows shade of your personality acting as a symbol of anti-establishments.

Fire-engine red:

This color symbolizes bold, confident and passionate personality. It shows that the persons can control situation as a good leader and loves to stay limelight.

Hot pink:

Hot pink is a very common feminine color. It resembles very energetic, courageous, lively and determined personality. For a woman hot pink enables her show spunk and spice in her personality.

Navy blue:

This is a color showing style, sophistication, power and authority for a personality. Moreover it also tells the people that you are in-charge and make them attentive towards your saying.. Wearing this color on your nails tells people to listen up because you’re in charge.

Aqua (light) blue:

Aqua is a color resembling cool and clam side of your personality. It also shows childish, youthful and full of energy aspect of your life.

Deep purple:

This color resembles crowned heads and royalty. It symbolizes a confident personality willing to stand out of herd/crowd.


The color shows a self sufficient personality who does not need to be the center of attention at all times. It is a feminine color which is a combination of four other colors: red, pink, purple and magenta. The color is ostentatious.


The color symbolizes brightness and change. It is a vivacious and vivid color resembling personalities who need people’s attention.


Maroon colors are a symbol of maturity, authority, sophistication and thus always invite respect for a woman. It also shows a confident and leadership quality of a personality. It is a mixture of red and purple color


Lavender is a feminine color, a combination of pink and purple showing a confident, graceful clam and composed personality.

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