A healthy skin is vital and essential part of a women beauty and is a major attraction for others. A healthy skin can easily be achieved by a proper diet and adequate skincare. But sometimes it as been observed that in spite of a proper skin care and all the efforts skin shows problems. A healthy and effective skincare for skin problems is part of overall good health.

A proper skin care reduces the skin damage end thus reduces the premature aging of skin. The article summarizes few of the most common types of skin problems observed in women and their precaution to avoid or minimize these problems:

Open and enlarged pores

Oil glands present in the skin sometimes results in excessive oil discharge from the skin resulting in blockage of the pores. These blocked pores lead to elasticity loss of pores which makes the rough and coarse. The best prevention for open pores is to keep the skin oil free:


  • – Use cleanser daily in night on your skin.
  • – Develop a habit of using toner daily on your skin. A rose based toner is ideal.
  • – Use a deep pore cleanser/scrub to reduce blockage of pores.
  • – Prepare a mixture of cucumber juice and rose water. Apply it with cotton on your face after cleansing to give a toning effect.

Freckles/ Dark Spots

Freckles or dark spots are developed by the repetitive exposure of sunlight to skin. On exposure to sun the pigment present in the inner layer of skin increases causing tanning. In fairer people the pigment gets accommodated in an irregular and patchy form showing in the form of dark spots.


Always wear a sunscreen before going out in sun. Given Below are few tips to reduce freckles:

  • – Prepare a mixture of yogurt and a pinch of turmeric. Apply and leave for 5-10 mins. Wash it off with cold water.
  • – Mix 2 tablespoons of grounded almonds with half a cup of yogurt. Apply once or twice a week.
  • – Prepare a mixture of half cup of papaya, one tablespoon honey and 3 tablespoon oatmeal. The mixture is quite effective in reducing dark spots /freckles.
  • – Scrubbing is important to remove dead skin. It is advisable to use a face scrub twice a week. Apply cold milk on dry skin after scrubbing to get desired results.


A collection of dead cells and oil under the skin is called as white heads. They can appear on any skin type i.e. dry skin, oily skin or normal skin found mainly on the forehead, cheekbones etc. Drinking plenty of water is advisable.


The best precaution against white heads is to follow a daily cleansing and scrubbing routine.

  • – Apply Fenugreek paste on face to reduce white heads.
  • – Potato juice or grated potato is also a good option for reducing whiteheads.
  • – Drinking lemon juice as soon as you wake, empty stomach in the morning reduces white heads.
  • – Drinking barley water also reduces white heads


Warts can be defined as a raised growth which is hard and uneven having a rough surface. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist for wart. Sometimes homeopathy can also gives good results.


The best precaution is to avoid pulling out of warts from nails and squeezing them.

  • – Cut onion into pieces. Soak these pieces overnight in water. Apply this water on wart in the morning.
  • – Vinegar helps in dropping down the warts. Develop a habit of applying vinegar to warts daily.
  • – Wash face with cold water 3-4 times to reduce oil and thus reduce warts.

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