Ethnic Skin Acne Care

Every person’s skin is unique and different based on where they live, many skin specialists consider this to be an added factor as to why specific customized skin acne care is crucial to improve the health of the skin and reduce acne. It is not enough to know about the type of skin condition, it is also necessary to know ones skin type and the suitability to certain skin care products. According to a dermatologist in Phoenix, darker and fairer skin fight skin problems differently based on the amount of melanin available in the skin pigment. Asians, Hispanics and Africans have a larger amount of melanin in their skin that causes dark spots to appear on different parts of their skin. In cases where dark spots are involved it is difficult to completely get rid of the spot and instead of completely removing the spots what really works is working on reducing the spots slowly with the help of mild antioxidant cream. This not only helps improve the condition but also greatly reduces the risks of making the skin problem get worse.

In the case of fairer skin that carries a lower amount of melanocytes the treatment is more easily treated. Laser surgery can work best to get rid of permanent spots on the skin.

Based on recent development, Asians are more susceptible to acne and skin damage from household detergents and comedogenic skin care products. The cause lies in the foaming or lathering that appears in the product or even the acne treatment. Instead one can resort to more risk free herbal remedies or oral medication to avoid damage to the skin.

Beautiful acne free skin is not limited to a particular race or ethnic group. What matters more than the color is the appearance and the condition of the skin. A healthy skin needs to be glowing and tight, these can be people from any part of the world, some well known examples include Halle Berry, Lucy Liu and Penelope Cruz. The secret to beautiful skin is constant skin care added with rigorous skin treatments used to make the skin look healthy and young.

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