Botox is a blessing that can minimize your wrinkles and give you a youthful face full of a variety of emotions. Botox is a boon to all people who want to look beautiful and don’t all of us fall in that category?

Botox is no longer confined to the celebrities and the rich & famous, it has gain a lot of popularity among the common man.

It is an invasive procedure and a number of myths are associated with it. If you are thinking of having botox treatment for yourself, first of all learn about the common myths and misconception about the cosmetic treatment:

15 Botox Myths – How True are They?

A number of misconception are involved with botox, just do not believe them unless you get information from a reliable source:

Some of the common myths are as under:

1. Botox will Freeze the Face

A common hearsay is that botox will freeze your face. You will lose your natural facial expressions. Botox does not make your face entirely expressionless, but an overuse of botox may be harmful. Within 1-2 weeks the face restores its natural expressions.

2. Wrinkles are Barred Forever

Botox temporarily delays the wrinkles and smoothes your face. It removes facial lines for some time, obviously not forever. Botox does not guarantee you a face devoid of wrinkles forever.

3. Botox is for Older Women

Another common myth is that botox is for older women. But this is not true as botox offers tremendous help in cases of premature aging and wrinkle development. A qualified plastic surgeon may recommend to anyone above 18 years if there is a need to do so.
Not only women men also benefit from the botox treatment.

4. Creams are Equally Effective

Well to be true there is no cream that can actually remove wrinkles. The much hyped wrinkle free creams only act on the skin upper layers. They are unable to be absorbed in the deep layers so they are simply unable to act on the wrinkles.

Wrinkle creams or serums are no substitute to botox as the mode of action is completely different. Creams act on the superficial skin layers while botox act deep inside at the muscle level.

5.  Botox is Dangerous

A general notion is that botox is dangerous. There is simply no truth in the statement. Instead botox is quite useful in the treatment of debilitating medical ailments like headaches, back pain cerebral palsy, etc. You need to get the botrox treatment done from a trained and qualified surgeon or cosmetologists to avoid any botox side effects.

6. Botox Is Toxic

Botox is obtained from botulinum, a toxin. But before using it, botox undergoes a lot of refining processes. Apart from this the concentration of botox in a vial is very low. Your surgeon knows the small doses that are needed to do the procedure.

Botox injection is usually unable to spread effects outside the targeted area. With the passage of time, your body will eliminate the botox on its own.

7. Botox Will Make the Face Immovable

This is perhaps the commonest misconception about botox. It is true that botox restricts muscle movement to some extent but this is temporary and goes off in a couple of days. Your face is back to its normal movements and expressions. Frozen face is no longer common; provide you get the treatment form a qualified doctor.

8. Botox is Addictive

There is no physiological addiction involved with botox treatment. Some people develop obsession of focusing attention on specific body parts and feel this is due to addiction caused by botox.

It has simply nothing to do with botox, it is their psychological perception and they should take the services of psychologist or a psychiatric.

 9. Botox is Forever

If you’re wondering “how long does botox last?” it’s important to note that a variety of factors can influence this. Botox is not forever. It normally last for 3-4 months. You may have to get it again to restore the desired effects. The intensity of wrinkles is reduced to a great extent even when the effects of botox fade off.

10. Swelling, Pain and Bruising

You may experience pain and redness at the injection site. They are completely gone in 2-3 days. Botox gives you great phenomenal results and minimal discomfort.

11. Botox has a lot of Side Effects

It is general perception that a number of side effects are associated with botox injections. This is completely false. The common side-effects are fatigue, nausea, vomiting or headache. Rest all is wrong.

12. Botox Treats Laugh Line

A common myth is that botox treats laugh lines. Well this is not true. Laugh lines are treated with fillers (Hyaluronic acids) and with botox.

13. Botox Injections are given only Once

Repeated botox injections are given as it increases the absorption of botox in the muscles. The results are very effective with repeated injections.

14. Botox Paralyzes Facial Muscles:

Absolute rubbish! Botox never paralyzes the muscles. Your doctor is well aware how much dose to inject. Al you need is a trained and qualified cosmetic surgeon and forget about all the worries.

15. Botox is Very Expensive:

It used to be very expensive previously but with advancing uses and technological advancement, botox has become affordable to a lot of people.

In a nutshell it can be stated that botox injections are undoubtedly a scientific wonder. It is used in the treatment of various medical ailments and is known for its impeccable uses in making your face young and attractive. We would love to hear your ideas and experiences of botox, please leave us a comment and let us know. Subscribe our RSS to receive skin care updates.