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Body Odor Causing Foods

Body Odor: 10 Foods That Cause Bad Body Odor

Food is dire and essential for our existence but there are certain foods that are known to impart a foul body odor and act as dark spots to your personality. They sabotage your reputation and lower your confidence.
A Couple Ways Kratom Can Improve Your Lifestyle

A Couple Ways Kratom Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Every year, every season, style never seizes to stop and continues to carve through new barriers. Some styles become timeless but others...
Hangover Causes, Severity - 20 Hangover Remedies, Hangover Cures

Hangover Causes, Severity – 20 Hangover Remedies

Hangover is the wrath of grapes. Hangover is a conglomeration of symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, vertigo, etc. occurring as a repercussion of excessive alcohol intake. What is hangover, what causes hangover, hangover symptoms and hangover remedies.

Sugar Addiction Is Deadlier Than Fat, Addictive Than Heroin

Are you a secret sugar addict? A study done on sugar addicts suggests that excess sugar is deadlier than fat and more addictive than...