Dating can be tough and a first date is toughest. So what can you do? Simple, just arm yourself with good first date etiquette. Read our first date tips and get ready for your first date with dating etiquette .

Are You Ready For Your First Date

How To Groom Yourself For The First Date

When you go on a date especially if it is a first date, groom yourself properly before you go out. Wear comfortable, clean, and good clothes i.e clothes that suits you. Clean your toenails and fingernails, a French manicure is great.Iron your clothes, wear  a nice watch, put gel on your shortly trimmed hairs(male), so as to give you a neat and smart look. Remember, you are building the foundation and the impression starts here. For the sake of first date success, cleanliness is must.

Harmless Flirting On First Date

Flirt harmlessly with your date. Teasing him/her and making him/her laugh is also a part of first date etiquette. Laugh at your date’s joke, humor can make your date feel comfortable with you.

Talk Smarty On First Date

First date etiquette also suggests that you should have a stimulating conversation with your date. act as a lady/gentleman. Complete your date once in a while, above all relax, have fun and enjoy the first date.

What’s Not To Do On Your First Date

There are many things which you should keep in mind especially on first date. Here are few first date etiquette you should follow.

First Date Etiquette

Keeping these etiquette in mind assure you of a higher chance of getting a second date but that’s not at all. You should know what you should not do on a first date. Here are some fist date etiquette tips :

  • Avoid talking about religion and politics. Your first date might have other views on these matters.
  • Don’t look around while you are talking to your date. It might appear that you are not interested. Just, Focus on your date.
  • Never talk too much about yourself especially on first date.
  • Never talk about your past relationship to your date, on first date it generally gives a negative impression.
  • Don’t make  any offensive jokes especially on first date.
  • Don’t be rude on first date.
  • Just be yourself , don’t pretend to be someone else.
  • Be punctual on your first date.
  • Stay col and clam. Be confident and have faith in yourself.
  • Do not try to create an impression of spendthrift.
  • Do not try to over show yourself  i.e  don’t try to give a false impression of being rich, avoid talking too much about your financial condition.
  • Don’t give high tips.
  • Don’t complain on the first date.
  • Be cautious about alcohol – if you drink heavily, you’re not going to get the best out of first date.

One secret for first date is to keep him/her waiting for more. Keep it short and meaningful. End it with a simple phrase like: I had a good time. Remember, don’t mention directly to your first date; So, when can we go out again? Just mention you are going out with friends. Above all, for first date i would like to say : BE SAFE

Stay tuned for more Date Ideas, First Date Etiquette and First Date Fashions, First Date Tips. If you’ve got any thoughts, comments or suggestions for the first date which we could add, kindly leave us a comment.