5 Signs To Watch Out On Your First Date

You must have noticed that while looking for a life partner many of your friends introduce you with their friends and set you for a blind date. There are many tricksters around but we know that all fingers are not equal. There are times when a stranger will give you hard times but there are people too with whom you will feel very comfortable.

Notice These 5 Signs On Your First Date

You must be very careful and observe the activities and signs of your date. Being judgmental on the first date is not the answer, but here are a few signs to watch out for before you make up your mind to go out on a fateful second.

The Cheap Tipper

A friend met her date at a fancy restaurant and they ordered two ice teas. when the bill arrived, he insisted on paying at the counter. For a $102 bill, he paid $105 and took three bugs back! If he makes excuses to go to loo when it is the time to pay, it’s an SOS signal.

Pay-Package Prober

Guys resent being asked how much they earn the first time they meet a girl of her family. Creating an impression of a gold-digger is a complete turn-off. This tends to happen when the entire family shows up the first time a couple meets.

Career Dictator

Most women dislike being asked if they want to work after marriage or being told that they have to quit after it. One businessman met a friend and told her that she could continue working: he would give her a room in his office.

Trying Too Hard

No harm in trying to make a good first impression, but there’s a fine dividing line between cool and over -the-top. Making an effort to dress well is appreciated, but wearing full-blast makeup to look a circus monkey in broad daylight isn’t. Gold chains for men stick out sorely.

Self Obsessed

Some first dates may call on your entire reserves of patience or you can simply choose to tune him/her out. If the person is in love with the sound of his/her voice, she/he should get a dog, not a life partner.

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