Are you looking for some romantic ideas for this Valentine Day just to make your Valentine Day special? Valentine Day is round the corner and you must be thinking about how to make your beloved feel special on this Valentine Day.

Your valentine is the one who has filled your life with happiness, giving you a feeling of completeness. In order to sustain a healthy relationship you should plan your day well ahead so you don’t run into any last minute hassle.

You can celebrate Valentine Day at your home or you can take your love out for the celebration. Doesn’t matter where you celebrate as long as both of you enjoy the day and feel togetherness. Just make sure that you express your feelings properly and show him/her how much you love, care and how much he/she means to you.

You must be having certain plans for this Valentine Day but the following romantic ideas will surely make your Valentine Day more enjoyable and special.

1. Send an e-Card – Choose an appropriate e-card for your loved one. Th e- cards are available on the internet ranging from funny ‘n flippant to the poetic and passionate one. Add a personalized message to the e-card showing your deepest feeling for him/her and make him/her feel special and delighted on this valentine day.

2. Make a Video – If you have a webcam or camera phone with you, just make a video showing your love for him/her. Show this video to your loved one. This will make him/her go gaga and fall in love with you once again.

3.  Buy roses for your love – Girls love roses. Buy a dozen of roses for her and if possible hide them in various spots in your house or places where you meet. Give her a first rose when she arrives attached with a notification where to find the other one. If possible write few lines showing your love for her on the notifications.

4. Candle-light dinner – Arrange a romantic candle light dinner for your sweetheart. You can go to  a restaurant or arrange it either at home. Create a romantic environment with light background music, candle lights (dim lights). Decorate the table with rose petals, if possible make a heart shape decoration with your and your lover’s name. After dinner simply dance slowly with your partner.

5. Prepare a dessert for your Valentine

  • Women – Prepare your sweetheart’s favorite desert yourself on this valentine day and surprise him.
  • Men – Take her to the favorite restaurant or bakery for a sweet surprise. If she enjoys cake order a heart shaped cake. If preferred you can write “I Love You” or “ You Are  My Life “ etc on the cake.

6. Balloons in the car – Decorate his/her car with ballons and roses while they are busy in work. Leave a note showing your love for her/him in the car and make them fall in love with your again..

7. Beach Walk – Walk on the beach at sunset having hands in hands. Enjoy the sunset and say the three magical words “I love You” to her/him and show how much he/she means to you.

8. Beach-dinner–  If possible arrange a candle light dinner on the beach, lake or pond with some soft and light music. Just enjoy your sweethaert’s company in the sky full of stars. If desired you can also rent a boat for the dinner.

9. Love-letter – Love letters are still the most adored and appreciated means of communicating love to your partner. A passionate letter showing your eternal charm will do the magic. Don’t worry if you are not good at words, just write what she/he means to you in simple words and se the magic.

10. Couple Photos – Gift a heart shaped photo frame to your partner with your and your sweetheart photo in it. You can choose the photo of you purposing her, your first date, your engagement photograph, your marriage photograph etc which shows your sweetest moment. You can also surprise your sweetheart by having a photo of them professionally painted onto canvas.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas to make this Valentine Day more special. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates delivered to your mailbox.