It’s a fact that men do not express their feelings right away as they are quite shy of showing their emotions. Fortunately, you can still understand their feelings and emotions via body signs and signals. Women have a knack of  understanding men’s signals (even  a minute behavior) so read on and learn how to understand what’s going on inside your man’s mind. I will try to break a man’s love in 4 stages from infatuation a stage when he is totally ready to commit.

Early Attraction

In the beginning most forward guys will look for an excuse to feel your touch, will try to appreciate your skin, body or hairs, unless he is a shy person who is afraid of loosing you. Unless he is a total jerk, he will be extremely nervous and conscious about his behavior and thinking about how you are going to react. You can straight away judge his nervousness as he must be running his hands through hair or start licking his lips more often. Non first timers may use their verbal skills crafted perfectly to please and impress you by hiding their true emotions.

Falling In Love

Once, the guy develops some feeling for you he will introduce ‘his world’. He will stare deeply in your eyes and a cute smile that follows is enough to tell you that he is falling for you. Suddenly, you will become part of his activities and life and you are invited for movies, TV, games, shows etc. He will skip time with his guy friends just to be with you. He will start introducing you with his close friend and you will certainly become part of his daily life. Apart from that you will notice more gesture of touching, and other public displays of affection – gentling brushing your hair behind the ears or stroking your cheeks, holding you by waist etc. Even a dumb can understand his feelings but sometimes casual friendship is often confused with these signs.

Fallen Madly In Love With You

When a guy is totally & madly in love you and hasn’t proposed yet, you will notice that every simple talks are redirected to romantic chats. He will turn head over heels, just for you and do whatever to be with you. When a guy is totally in love he will leave even his favorite stuff to be with you and will try to keep you happy all the time (best thing about romance isn’t it?) You will notice a slight descend in showing public affection or hugs but this is just temporary stuff. He will listen you more and try to judge your feelings a lot. In simpler words he may appear to be more of chatter, but the touchy feel will descend a lot. Don’t confuse it with withdrawal it’s just what guys do as they don’t want to hurt our feelings, thinking that this is not what we want.

He Is Ready For Commitment

Frankly speaking if a man is foreseeing his future with your he will give you all signals from much in advance and will treat you like his partner. He will ask your opinion on important stuff, his work, his personal life, issues etc. You will feel a sudden appreciation in your man’s eyes for the work you do. All of a sudden your feedback will become the most important advice. At this stage he will share less with your as he has already share everything with you already in his mind. You will notice that if you tilt your head to left, he’ll do his to right to meet your gaze. The bond Is henceforth, so strong, he’ll try to imitate you subconsciously.

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