Women’s typically keep their mouth shut even if they are still attracted to their ex or have some strings attached to them. Many women are seen denying it completely but you know the fact somewhere in your heart. Well this can be discussed in two parts – Firstly, Are you attracted even now long after your break up to your ex and hence how do you identify it. Secondly, if you are how you can get over it.

Do you from time to time, think about your ex and get lost in the happy times you had. Does thinking about your ex still stir emotion in you like anger, a vow for revenge or emotional bout of tears? Are you talking raving mad about your ex to your friends even now?

Where does that leave you, simply saying that your ex is still holding a dear place in your heart and mind? We would say if he or she has moved on, you are silly sitting around thinking of them. Not that we don’t understand break ups can be tough but you have to get over it sometime, why not now. Most of the times, a person does not give getting over their ex a conscious shove hence, they still string along with emotion from break up.

How can you get over your ex? Do you still have his/her phone number, email address, address, letters, emails? Do not hang on to all this, they are just tagging on your heart strings. Delete or lose them intentionally or you will always feel like clinging on.

You may cherish good times together but make a point to not think about it every day. If it crops up in your mind, let it run its course. Make an effort to socialize, do not jump in to another relationship but give yourself time, make friends and do not tell them of the disappointment or the issue will exist in conversation even there.

When we say time heals a break up, we mean it. A sudden relationship will only act like a transactional relationship. Hence stay friends and when you feel you have overpowering emotions for another, get in to a relationship.

With old friends, stop the discussion of the topic. It’s tough but you might as well do it.  Have fun, do spontaneous trips, get a new look and change a few things.

Does it make you feel that if you meet your ex again it will send you swirling back in to the pool of requited love? Make sure you give yourself enough time and space before you go any near. Though when we say this, do not prepare for the day, instead let life take its course.

If you feel you have emotional baggage from the relationship, find means to give it up, get counseled or try mediation. For some people these means work. Lastly if are tired of the nagging feeling of one sided love, make a conscious effort and you will get over it, give it time.

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