Lack of communication is an important problem that can kill a healthy viable relationship in a short span. You have to be expressive with your partner for having a long relationship. Words have their importance and silence though good, cannot always be effective.

Contrary to the popular belief, men generally fail to express themselves when it comes to dealing with women.
Men have the potential to attract women but they are a little inexpressive or shy expressing their emotions. Some believe it is a womanly act to display their emotions, while others just do not know how to?

Communication is the art of expressing yourself. You have to be articulate enough to be able to make your word clear and explicit. Communication is the channel of expression and it saves us from being misunderstood. “Communication is highly personal; therefore clarity is a benchmark and the ability to trust and tune into various frames of reference a threshold for communication.” G.B.Shaw has rightly said,” The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

Men often fail in their relationship with women for a simple reason of not being able to communicate properly and adequately. Remember women have the excellent quality of understanding body language naturally and effortlessly.

Top 10 Things Men Do Not Tell Women

Here are listed some important things men fail to communicate:

1. Inner feelings

Men generally do not express how or what they feel. They are a bit shy probably or do not know how to display their feelings.

2. Care

Care and concern is the next thing that most of the men fail to display. They might be having high concern and regard for their partner but when it comes to expression, most of them fail.

3. Admiration for partner’s traits

Only few men are in the habit of acknowledging and admiring their lady’s qualities and encouraging them. They are bitten by ‘male ego’ and find difficult to see beyond that.

4. Pain and joy

Expressing or telling about what hurts them or what brings joy is again a difficult task for most of men. They believe that the women should know it all naturally.

5. Never tell when they need support

Men are very discrete in telling when they need any emotional assistance from women. They find it a week way to show they require support.

6. Take time in making positive remarks

Remarks like , ‘your dress is beautiful, you are looking beautiful today or how sexy you look in this dress’ are not easily said by most of the men. Now this is a grave error for maintain the sustainability or viability of your relationship. Women love to hear remarks obviously the good ones. So if you unnoticed your lady, you are ignoring her and she will not like it for sure.

7. While making sexual advances

This is another area where men are known to fail when it comes to expression. Men are born lovers, yet they want the women to make the first move. This boosts their chauvinistic ego.

8. Say “I love you”

This is the worst of all said and mentioned so far. Few men often take time in speaking three golden words, “I love you.” No matter how much strongly involved you are unless you do not express how on earth your lady would know about your sentiments. So speak a loud what you feel and don’t hesitate.

9. About failures

Men hate to discus or even mention about their failures and shortcomings. They despise expressing when and how they failed.

10. Hate talking about past

Men for some reason do not like to talk about their past. On the contrary women love to be retrospective. Probably men find it boring to discuss or talk about the gone things and events.

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