gift ideas for better half

Valentines Day may be long gone, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t shower your better half with gifts and surprises!

It’s always difficult to know exactly what to get when you’re thinking of a nice little surprise. You can push yourself towards insanity trying to figure out what they’d really like or perhaps what they might need.

Unique Gift Ideas

Have no fear, I may not be Cupid, but I can give you some good ideas for your loved one this year.

1. Design

Nothing says “I love you” more than actually designing a gift. The thought and effort that goes into hand crafted gifts really shows your partner how much you know and care about them. Whether it be a necklace, a bracelet or a t-shirt, handmade gifts are unique and cannot be replaced.

2. Above The Mantlepiece

Have you ever shared a memory with your loved one only for it to be lost in a sea of photos online or in a dusty scrapbook?

There’s sure to be a photo that both of you look back at to brighten your day. My advice would be to create a beautiful canvas out of it and display somewhere you both go everyday to be reminded of just how perfect you are together.

3. Get Your Dancing Shoes On

If cuddling up by the fire with a soppy love film isn’t your cup of tea, then why not let loose on a night out together? Take them dancing, go for a meal, drink until the sun comes up. There’s nothing quite like a spontaneous night out, so grab your dancing shoes and hit the bars and clubs!

4. Fashion

If you’re a bold buyer, meaning: if you have the guts to get them a piece of clothing, nothing says I love you better than leather jackets – especially for her. But if you’re feeling extra generous, I recommend designing a box full of their favorite things.

This is where getting creative and personal really intertwine and you just can’t go wrong. Think about what they like, what they talk about a lot, what would help them out with their job or studies. Really keep it simple with stuff like their favorite sweets and drinks. Dress up the box for added excitement and be sure to brace yourself for a huge warm thank you hug!

5. Book A Holiday

There are two things you can do with this one: Firstly, you could book a weekend away for yourselves and focus on just the two of you. Spa treatments, long walks, romantic meals – all the lovey dovey malarky couples love doing. Or, if you’re really bold – book a summer holiday somewhere exotic, and in advance. This shows just how committed you are and that you’re serious about the relationship.

So there you have it. Just 5 simple ideas that will hopefully spark some inspiration inside that love-stuck head of yours. The key things to remember are that personal, handmade gifts like a canvas print, or DIY bracelets and necklaces do go a long way. Or better yet, something they’ll wear almost everyday like a leather jacket!

Whether you’re on a budget, or have the funds to go all out, there’s a gift out there for everybody.