The perfect proposal has a few factors to it. There’s the setting. Usually, it’s either somewhere that means something to both of you or it’s their favorite place to be. There’s the company. Sometimes the family is present, sometimes a group of friends are there for support, and sometimes it’s just a group of strangers. There’s the proposal itself. It can be silly, heartfelt, personal, or a combination of all of these. At the heart, the proposal should always be authentic and genuine. Finally, and perhaps the most important, is the ring. A lackluster ring can completely ruin an otherwise perfect proposal. How can you ensure that the ring you choose is perfect for her? Consider some of these tips.

1. Go Personal

One way to choose an engagement ring is to make it personal for her. Finding the right ring is all about knowing your lover. What are her favorite colors? Her favorite kinds of gemstones? Does she like diamonds? Does she prefer other kinds of gemstones? If she does like diamonds, then what kind of cut does she like the best? Does she prefer natural diamonds or colored diamonds?

These are all questions that you should have answers for before you walk into the jewelry store. By knocking those off the list, you’ll be able to find the gemstone that will invoke the best reaction in her. More importantly, it will help ensure that you don’t just pick out a standard ring. It’s her ring.

2. Choosing The Band

Besides just choosing the diamond or gemstone, you also need to think about the band. This is where you can get very personable and unique. The band can be traditional like gold or silver. Even platinum can make for an incredible band. Yet there are also other styles and materials that can make for a unique band that completely captures your lover’s personality.

The band also make the gemstone look even better. It’s possible for bands and gemstones to clash, so choosing a band that goes with the gemstone is vital. Otherwise, you might create an accidental eyesore.

3. Know Diamond Cuts

If you’re thinking about getting your intended a diamond, then it’s important that you know the cuts. A cut is essentially the way in which a diamond is shaped in order to interact with the light. It’s common to think of a diamond’s cut in terms of its shape.

Those shapes can be oval, heart, round, pear, and marquise. Overall, however, the cut also influences the grade that the diamond receives. The higher the grade, the better quality it is and the more expensive. Lower-grade diamonds are those that don’t quite meet the criteria of those grading it.

A grade can be determined by the following factors. Brightness refers to the white light that exists both within and without of the diamond. Fire refers to how the light scatters and forms a rainbow. Finally, scintillation refers to the amount of sparkle that the diamond can produce.

In terms of engagement ring shopping, the cut is important because you should know what kind of shape your lover enjoys the most. Does she love the heart shape? Then you don’t want to get her a pear-cut diamond.

It’s also important to know your diamond cuts because you are then more aware as to if you are being shown high-quality diamonds or not. The last thing you want is to buy a diamond that is of poor quality. You may not realize it, but your lover might. While it may have been an accident, your lover might believe that you choose the cheaper route of procuring a diamond when this is the one time where you should indulge and buy her a diamond that she deserves.

Knowing its cut can also inform you as to whether or not the diamond is natural or lab created diamond rings. This can help you determine the accurate price of that ring. It can also provide you with beautifully cut diamonds.

Choose Wisely

Choosing an engagement ring is no easy process. By following these tips, you can help yourself by choosing the right kind of ring that can knock her sideways.