It is usually heard that jealousy is a normal behavior in any person and it is also heard that jealousy in women is most dangerous. Why? Have you ever given it a thought? Talking of women jealousy, you underestimate that woman or talk bad of her.

When a woman feels threatened or unsecured with her surroundings and the loved ones or the ones she cares for wholeheartedly, then only she tends to be jealous. At the same time, it is also agreeable that over-jealousy or the quality of being fiercely jealous destroys a woman in the long run; she goes to the extent of building maniacal attitudes.

Relationships are something to be nurtured and if jealousy comes in the way, it completely spoils the show. It has been seen that many relationships go down the drain overnight because jealousy reins it. In this article i will jot down the basics which can help to stop jealousy in any relationship.

How to stop jealousy in a relationship?

  1. Try hard to stop jealousy take its own turn and for this, you have to build your partner’s/spouse’s trust in you.
  2. Jealousy is normally in the mind and the less you will think about it, the better for you and your partner/spouse.
  3. Never allow jealousy to cloud in your mind; the moments your thoughts take on this road, immediately think of a good movie, or sing a song, or try cooking (this is a good jealous-feeling remover).
  4. Do not behave as if you own your partner/spouse; the moment you get this feeling in mind, jealousy will sit in you and you will start keeping a track on his every little movement, communication, etc. Do not try to limit his freedom.
  5. If you are feeling jealous because of your sense of insecurity, talk it out with your partner/spouse. In this case, do not let your ego or inferiority complex come in between. It will mess up the whole issue.
  6. You should try to converse more with your partner/spouse; your conversation should be based on trust, care and love. Remember, when you are talking to him, you need his full attention. Useless talks can divert his attention from what you are saying.
  7. Stop questioning or nagging your partner; ‘where are you going’, ‘when are you coming back home’, ‘who was that girl with whom you were talking’, ‘who is she who keeps calling you’ – such questions will put him off; not only this, your relationship will suffer because of your questions. Remember here that you are neither a detective nor an officer and you are not questioning a criminal.
  8. If your partner is really cheating you, then think of getting out of the relationship.

All said and done, it is always better to keep a control on your pangs of jealousy. How do you control your jealousy? Please leave me a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates.