Like any other thing our footwear also get worn out with time. No matter how carefully you wear them, how many shoe safety measures you follow your favorite shoes will grow old with time leaving you no option but to buy a nice pair of shoes again. Sometimes, you wear one of your favorite shoes many times just because you like them, due to comfort or style. Reason could be anything but in your heart you know that your shoes life is over but you don’t want to leave them or throw them away.

In this article I will try to sum up few points which will help you to give a new makeover to your old favorite shoes. They might have lost their original color, might have become pale yellow with time but these tips will help you giving them a different look so you can use them for few more months or may be years.

Heels of You Shoes: most of the shoes see a drastic loss of heels due to excessive usage which makes them look ugly and uncomfortable. You can always get a new heel installed on your favorite shoes to give them a new makeover. This change will offer you a chance to either change the shape entirely or just give the heel a small fix. Make sure the nails used by cobbler to install and fix the heel should not have sharp edges facing towards your feet otherwise it might hurt. Ensure that there are no breaks showing up making it look odd.

Boot Adjustments: A cobbler can typically make the top of a boot shorter or adjust the width of the calf to be wider or narrower. There will be more leeway to take them in rather than let them out, but either way, a custom fit can be yours.

Shoe Color Dye: One of the best ways to change the overall appearance of an old leather shoes is to give them a new color by using shoe dyes. If you visit hardware shop you can easily buy do-it-yourself dye which you can use to give your old shoe a new color making it look like brand new shoe. This is one of the most used method to transform you shoe into a new pair.

Outer Soles: In order to achieve better traction it would be wise to ask the cobbler to help you in adding extra thickness to your outer soles. Cobbler generally uses rubber layers to give shoes an extra thickness.

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