To know what type of running shoes you should buy, you first need to know that what kind of feet you have. Whenever you go for shopping for your running shoes, jogging shoes or walking shoes it’s wise to go at running shoes specialty store. A knowledgeable salesperson will help you in finding the right running shoes, jogging shoes or walking shoes for your foot type. In that way, you can also figure out what type of feet you have. There are many other things to be taken care of when going to buy running shoes. Now, in this guide, I am going to tell you how you can buy perfect running shoes.

  • At first, you should examine your foot first. If you look at your foot, you will have to know you have flat feet if you don’t see any arch. If you have flat feet then from toes to your heel, it’s completely flat. If you do the footprint test, your print will look like a foot-shaped blob. You won’t see an inward curve from your big toe to your heel. Those who have flat feet, their feet rolled inward when they run. So, they need running shoe that maintains their stability. Look for the words “motion control” and “stability” on the box of running shoes you are bearing in mind. In addition to motion-control shoes, some flat-footed runners also need to wear orthotics.
  • For high-arched feet, it is very easy to determine. If you high arches, you will notice a high and definite arch on your foot. If you do the footprint test, your print will curve inward, making the middle part of your foot look very skinny. When you push your hand against the bottom of your foot, your arch will stay rigid. The problem is that if you have high arches, your feet roll outwards as you run. Those runners who have high arches should measure their feet periodically because running will cause their arches to gradually fall, making their feet longer. You should buy flexible shoes with a soft midsole that absorbs shock.
  • If you examined your foot or footprint and it doesn’t look flat or high-arched, you most likely have a neutral or normal foot. Your footprint will have a noticeable curve inward, but not more than ¾ of an inch. For normal feet, you can select from a wide variety of running shoes, including ones made for neutral runners or those with slightly flat-footed or high-arched feet. There is no need to go for running shoes that have a lot of stability or motion control.

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