Everyone is using shoes to protect their foot and to gain better traction and comfort. But how and why mankind has invented and used shoes? It is pretty evident that in modern society everyone is using one or other sort of shoes. In this article I will share few historical facts about shoes like why and when they were invented and used by mankind. These facts might not seem interesting to a regular buyer but for those who always show zeal to know everything in order to gain more knowledge must like these historical facts for sure.

When our ancestors felt the pain to walk and run bare foot they have applied cloth and wooden footwear to protect their foot. With time they have started decorating their shoes with different materials etc. Scientist believes that mankind has started using shoes as early as 40,000 and 26,000 years ago. There are traces of civilization much before that period which tells us that they must be using some way or another to protect their feet.

When they started wearing shoes the only concern was to gain protection against sharp objects, rocks, debris or wooden splinters etc. In later stages toggle flaps or drawstring shoes were invented whose leather wraps around the foot. Best thing about those shoes were that those shoes were much better fit and comfortable. Soldiers used metal shoes also to protect themselves against enemy arrows but these things are clearly visible.

In later 1800s many manufacturers have started creating shoes for specific purposes like military shoes, formal shoes, baby shoes etc. This has led to fashion industry where lots of designers, brands are working hard to come up with different unique designs, comfort level etc.

Post world war has seen a tremendous time for shoes and designs. Many names like Nike Shoes, Adidas Shoes, Wolky and CoPnverse became global brand with very wide reach. Nowadays, these brands shoes are selling as hot cakes in all part of the world and they are getting expensive by day.

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