Women’s soccer is gaining popularity and many athletic girls are opting it as a career too. Whenever going to buy women’s soccer shoes, there are so many things to be taken care of. The color, style, comfort and support you need is very important. An expensive soccer shoe doesn’t necessarily gives you the best performance. It is very important to wear the right shoes when playing soccer. Best soccer shoes also help in avoiding injuries. Now, in this guide, I am going to give you some tips for buying soccer shoes.

  1. Soccer shoes are generally made up of real leather or synthetic leather. Real leather provides the best feel of the ball for the player. Leather shoes generally fits well and also more durable. These advantages come with a higher cost.
  2. Synthetic leather is cheaper as compared to real leather. If you are going to play on a wet field, a real leather shoe will absorb more moisture and make it heavy and robbing it of its durability. Synthetic leather is water resistant and is ideal on wet fields. Synthetic leather shoes are easy to clean and are long lasting.
  3. Soccer shoes are designed with cleat patterns. The cleats are specifically designed with a purpose in different field conditions. Cleats are categorized as soft ground or hard ground styles. These are designs for indoor and outdoor shoes.
  4. Indoor soccer shoes have rubber studs and rubber treads to allow for fast turns, abrupt stops and quick lateral movement.
  5. Soccer turf shoes are made up of some special soles which have shorter molded rubber studs which provide a good grip and traction and also prevent us from injuries. Wearing regular soccer cleats is risky because studs may grip too well and you could end up twisting your foot.
  6. Regular soccer cleats are used outdoors on natural grass. These cleats can be detachable by unscrewing them and replacing them with different types and lengths.
  7. It is to better to take your shin guards whenever you are going to buy soccer shoes so that you can check if it fits your new shoes. Trying on different styles is the best way to find a pair of fitted shoes.

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