Workout requires good pair of shoes as they support your legs in good manner. If you ignore them and wear them casually it may cause problems in future. Expert says that as soon as you have to tighten and tie your tennis shoes quite often it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes. They advice to buy sport shoes every three months (those who are in extreme routine) but buying a new pair of shoe every three months is not cost effective especially because famous brands like Adidas, Nike or Puma Shoes etc. are not cheap and spending on them every quarter could be a pain.

Still, in order to protect your legs for longer run you should buy new sport shoes as soon as the old shoe starts showing signs.
In order to buy new shoes you need to do the followings:

You need to plan your activity, routine wisely. If you opt for an outdoor long walk then you should buy comfortable walking shoes. Walking Shoes are specially made up for long walks which gives a casual look. These walking shoes are not ideal for running.

In case you opt for running then you should buy running shoes which provides greater grip, balance and are quite light in weight. They also come up with good cushion. Idea is the buy shoes depending upon the activity, routine you follow. Buying any sport shoe won’t do the trick here.

It would be wise to bring along your socks you are planning to wear with your shoes when you are about to buy a shoe. This will help you in determining the fit of the shoe. Different brands come with different sizes so it would be wise if you buy the same brand you bought before. This will also help you in determining whether the same brand was satisfying or not.

Buy shoes from sales or peak festival season. If you are getting an offer where you buy one and get one for free that will be best as you can use the remaining pair later when you other pair wears out. Holiday season is the best time to buy new pair of shoes as most of the stores come up with sale items.

Check local listing and find out if there is any stock clearance sale going on in your. You can also opt to buy online as many sites these days are giving good discounts moreover, few sites offer free coupons which can be redeemed to get even bigger discount.

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