If you want to display your persona and walk like red carpet celebrities then choosing even the same dress won’t do the trick. Even if you buy the same designer dress and wear same makeup won’t make you look like a star. There are numerous other things which set a style statement. Just notice they way a celebrity walks, speaks, sits or laughs while posing. These are just few things which they are master of.

It’s not like they have taken a special class to learn all that but surely they are following few things which I am going to elaborate in the following article. If you want a red carpet celebrities like style statement then follow the certain tips and enjoy your life.

  1. Waist: In fact all the celebrities work hard doing yoga, gym or other exercises to stay slim so that they can flaunt their waist decently. Try rotating your upper body without moving your lower body while talking gives a nice impression of your waist. You must have noticed many celebrities talk like that when they are interviewed on red carpet.
  2. Put Your Hand On Hips: You must have noticed your favorite celebrity putting her hands on her hips while talking. This is not a difficult thing to do but make sure you do this gracefully. There is a very thin line between decency and getting attention due to other things. Remember, this style will push your hip forward in an appealing manner with your shoulder fallen backward.
  3. Crossing of Legs: It is better to thin down your bottom half to make you look taller and thinner. Just avoid standing on one foot too far from the other. Doing this will make you look shorter and somewhat awkward too.
  4. Showcase Your Bust: Notice how celebrities show cases their bust. In order to emphasize the bust line, simply pull your shoulder a little back. By doing this your chest will be pushed out and will give you a sexier look.
  5. Same Old Straight Look: Look natural by standing straight and keep your shoulders held somewhat backwards. This is a relaxing pose and still very popular amongst the celebrities. Just keep your hands folded either at your waist level or below the waist level. Look in the mirror and judge yourself which out of two hand positions would look cool on you.
  6. Over the Shoulder Look: In order to get the attention of other people looking over the shoulder would be a nice idea as this would expose your butt, back and shoulders. All you have to do is push your shoulder little forward when you look back.

All the above tips will help you in looking like a celebrity but remember a celebrity is a famous person who has a habit of attending these functions, shows, evens etc. from long time. Moreover, what matters most is the confidence along with looks. No matter what they wear they wear it gracefully so just be confident enough and enjoy.

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