unwanted_hair_removal1A pretty looking face complimented by good looking hands and arms is all what a women often dreams off. You keep on waxing and shaving hands and legs to get the look, but the after effects such as itching, irritation, swelling, rashes and sometimes even worse pus collection, infection etc keep you away from reaching desired smoothness.The minute growth of hairs seen after waxing called hair – in growth is more irritating and generally comes within a week. Sometimes this growth comes naturally. However in many cases it is also seen through hormonal imbalances.

For facial smoothness we keep on using different face pack which are very well explained in my previous article Try new homemade beauty masks. Well for unwanted hair growth here are few tips to help you :

  • – Moisturizing is the key. Dryness leads to growth of hairs, so moisturize your skin daily to avoid hair growth.
  • – Avoid tight fitting clothes, as they lead to in growth of hairs due to the change of hair direction caused by them.
  • – Try avoiding close and reverse shaving as they increase the chances of hair growth.
  • – Use lukewarm water for shaving.
  • – Avoid excessive shaving of one part of the body.
  • – Make the skin wet before shaving, Avoid shaving on dry skin.
  • – Properly moisturize the skin after shaving.
  • – It is better to avoid shaving but if not possible change the shaving pattern.
  • – Products manufactured specially for sensitive skin give better and effective results. Try using them.

Remedies For Unwanted Hairs

If you are already have unwanted hair problem. Just don’t worry here are few tips to help you out and get rid of them:

  • – Waxing and shaving in general leaves some leftover, just remove them and enjoy the smoothness.
  • – Scrubs and anti- bacterial soaps are also very effective.
  • – Use Salicylic acid after shaving to avoid infection and exfoliation, as well as it also provides due moisture to the skin.
  • – Shaving in different direction will also help.

Instead of worrying for those extra hair – in -growth just take proper care of your skin and enjoy the smoothness. Love is what lovely hands and legs need. It is well said also In order to be loved, love is what you have to give. So just take care of your skin and admiration is what is guaranteed.

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